Sorry 'bout your car, ma'am


An employee of a shop where I had my Viper for service took my 97 GTS car out for a joy ride just prior to my picking it up today. The results are seen in the pictures below. What are the actions I need to take to insure I am compensated for the full value of the car including all my mods? The employee says he is fully insured but I’m concerned that his insurance will not cover the mods. The car departed controlled flight, flew through a ditch, impacted a telephone pole and flipped on it’s lid. The guy laying beside the car is not the perp, just the wrecker driver.

I believe this is a good argument for the death penalty.

Enh, she can always sue the shop.

“impacted a telephone pole”?


… or start a website asking for us to donate a dollar each.

Anyway, it seems like I see one of these stories posted in car forums at least once every few months. Kind of makes one paranoid about giving the mechanic the keys to a nice car.

Thank god I don’t have a nice car.

Something similar happened to my dad about 10 years ago. He had a Toyota MR2 that he took to a shop for a tune up. He got the car back fine, but he found out a while later that the mechanic had taken the car out for a drive, gotten in an accident with another car, then repaired the damage to my dad’s car and never told him about it.

I forget what the resolution was, but I seem to remember that my dad’s insurance went up (or was going to until he figured out what had happened).

“Flew through a ditch”?

I can see into, but through? Did he end up in China?

Why are you showing me this the day I dropped off my SUV to get it serviced? Bastard.

That’s a Dodge up the top. A Dodge Viper. Car of my dreams. And some dumb asshole STOLE it and CRASHED it into a fucking POLE.


I cry for thee poor broken Dodge.