SotS Ground Pounders Anyone?

Greatly appreciated. I loved The Pit, but this one is certainly in my wait and see category.

Tested it some, it is a bit daunting on some levels, it looks really old school, and I find myself assigning dice to units, which is a bit odd for a PC game. Combat mechanics could be deep, but I haven’t gotten a good enough look, however as someone else here said, this looks like ment for tablets, as I don’t need such an UI to play on a PC.

I will look at it from time to time to see how development goes, but its already quite a meaty game, I downloaded almost 2gb…

I decided to give this game another shot since its been 2 weeks and a few patches. It doesn’t crash much anymore and they have made some nice improvements to the cards. You can now flip the cards over and get more detailed information about each unit. They made it easy to see which hexes are in supply now. And they added a solid tutorial.

On the bad side the devs have stated they will not be changing any of the UI elements for the PC. All UI elements will be universal on all platforms, their stated reason was to avoid confusion for players that use multiple platforms.

They can do what they want with their game, but honestly the UI is god awful. No tool-tips, a massively unnecessary number of mouse clicks to get anything done.

Also the map is still ugly as sin and hard to strategically use with the unit graphics they’ve chosen.

The core game seems to be a decent Unity of Command type war game. I do give Ground Pounders credit for having a terrific supply system in place. In fact I would like to see a Unity of Command 2, that uses some version of this supply system.

Example of supply: It works like this, you have fixed supply depots scattered around the map that each have an area of effect supply range. Enter the Logistics Unit. These units provide an AoE supply of their own if they are in range of a supply depot. Now enter a Transport Truck unit. The transport trucks don’t supply military units, they only supply the Logistics Unit. The transport truck allows you to position a logistics unit further away. The transport trucks link up and with just 2 or more transport trucks linked up you could extend your supply all the way across the map. But if the enemy were to knock out one of these trucks and break your chain you could be in for a serious problem, very similar to Unity of Command when your railroad gets captured.

Also sneaking around is a very viable method of movement considering you can have burrowing units, stealth units, and flying units all trying to sneak past. Whether the AI is competent enough to pull this off I don’t know yet because I’ve only played through the first campaign map.

The game is interesting but I still can’t recommend it, because I’m just not having that much fun with it atm. It’s still being developed so I’m still hopeful.

A little birdie told me to take a risk on this a couple of months ago, and despite my distrust of Kerberos, I’m glad I did. I just spent some time with the latest build, and while not 100% ready for prime time, it’s pretty close.

The elevator pitch is that it’s Panzer General set in the SotS universe with board game elements added because why not? There are cards to be played (and they unlock as you progress in the campaign) and dice to be attached to units to modify combat results. Supply is modeled but pretty simplistic, and terrain is important.

Right now it seems to be almost feature complete - the (extensive) tutorial, Hiver campaign, and 8 or 9 scenarios are done, and I haven’t had any crash issues with this last build. I think there’s still a couple of scenarios and another campaign (Tarkas, I think) yet to be added.

Bottom line is you can grab the PC version for $10. I’m not sure what the price will be at release, but it’s definitely worth 10 beans as it stands.

Ohhh, glad to hear it ha a tutorial now, if I recall when it just dropped on early access (I was a backer on IndieGoGo), there was only some scenarios. Time to revisit it! Thanks!