Soul Calibur 2...Apathy?

I bought it today, but I feel a strange apathy about actually playing it. I mean, I loved the original SC (got me to buy a Dreamcast, basically), and I was sure I was going to buy the sequel…and so I have.

I dunno…I feel kind of strange about having bought it. I don’t feel like jumping into it both feet first like I did with the first one. (Part of that may be caused by having played the import of SC2 some already, and being a little underwhelmed with the lack of changes.)

Anybody else feel like this, or am I just crazy?

(EDIT: corrected title of thread, since I seem to have lost my mind and command of the English language)

After watching Greg Kasavins review I was pretty disappointed with the lack of changes in the game. I’m sure I’ll pick it up regardless but it sucks to hear Namco was in a position to do something that could change the genre and move it up a notch but chose to play it safe. Many called for an online component but I’m not sure that would work out given that a ping of more than 50 would probably make a match unplayable. Having said that Namco could’ve extended the story mode and attempted a full-on single-player experience (perhaps in the style of Buffy: tVS).

anyway, lets hope they do something more ambitious next time and that it doesn’t take another 4 years for a sequel.

I think you mean “apathy”. Antipathy means “disgust and loathing”, which I don’t think you’re describing.

I think you’re crazy, KMD. Sit your ass down and start unlocking weapons. That’ll shake off your Soul Calibur apathy.


Do you have some friends you can get into the game with? The single-player stuff is fun, but the game is really meant to be played against human opponents. We already have a tournament going at our office, and there’s usually a steady 6 or 7 people watching the two players go at it.

I agree that there’s been very little added to the gameplay mechanic, but that’s pretty much what I wanted, as I think Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast is the best fighting game I’ve ever played. I was more than happy to shell out $50 for what is essentially an expansion pack. Except now I can play it on the Xbox with 720p on the HDTV and with some new characters.

Sorry to hear that you’re not digging it, but I think you will enjoy it if you can round up some friends to give you some competition.

Don’t forget another $60 or more for a pair of sticks. Don’t tell me you play on the gamepad do you?

Sticks suXors!! :wink:

Ah, but seriously… I find sticks to be so incredibly cumbersome for a fighting game. I find that I get much better presision when I only have to use my thumb rather than the entire wrist.

Yeah, yeah…shaddup. :roll:

Sticks? Those are for arcade geeks. What do you do, hold them in your lap? Where do you keep them? And don’t they get in the way of your Steel Battalion console and fishing controllers? :)

I’m sure a stick would be helpful – for Pete’s sake, I’m still trying to figure out some way to hold the Xbox controller so I can quickly do both kinds of throws – but God made gamepads for console games and arcade sticks for arcades. You should respect His wishes.


I’ve read zero reviews for this game so far (hence I fall into the apathy). One of my favorite aspects of the original was the ‘quest’ system they had for single player where you fought against invisible opponents/multiple opponents/stages with wind/with life slowly draining (ala poison), and winning these matches enabled you to open up alternate costumes and other funky stuff.

Please tell me they still have this, or something similar, in this game?


I agree with Kool Moe Dee, first and foremost because he’s got rhymez for dayz, but more importantly because SC2 isn’t really lighting my fire.

It’s pretty much the same leap fo… er, baby step forward from SC1 that Virtua Fighter 4:EVO is over VF4. Better graphics, a handful of new characters, and… uh… well, the graphics really are much better! And it’s priced at $50 as opposed to EVO’s $20. And I’d honestly prefer getting a new character with which I can bust heads in, as opposed to playing as Heihachi - AGAIN. (Jesus, why did I buy Tekken 4, anyway?)

It’s still very good, but it feels a lot like the same kind of good I’d already stopped playing over a year ago. It’s hard to be REALLY disappointed since all my friends prefer SC2 to VF4, so now I finally have something we can all play and enjoy, but I’m definitely not 0wned the way I was with SC1.

SC2 is all about playing the game with other people. I only played the SP in the first one to unlock what I needed. As for not changing much that’s fine by me. I am just looking for a version that plays on newer consoles. So, even if it was an identical port I’d be happy.

That’s what makes it great though. I’m not sure I’d have liked a sequel where all my favorite characters were missing. And IMO, the addition of walls in some levels makes a huge change. The new characters kick ass (Raphael and Talim anyway), and all of the original characters are spruced up nicely. Different timings, tweaked ranges, and with the addition of new moves, you pretty much have to re-learn them. But even so, it’s nice that they are still there.

SC2 is pretty much everything I wanted in a sequel. Had they done any major changes, I find it hard to think it would have added to what is already the best fighting game ever made. And had they replaced all the characters… would it really make so big of a difference? I like that they kept the old characters, but it wouldn’t have truly mattered to me if it were all new characters, as long as the gameplay stayed the same.

edit: apparently I like contradicting myself, but hopefully you’ll get what I mean anyway.

reading around online, it seems like there’s this sort of dissappointment that it’s “only” a typical sequel update to the best wepons-based fighter of all time.


But I can sort of understand it. I mean Soul Calibur was this huge leap forward and totally kicked the crap out of every other fighting game, remaing still the best fighter for like two or three years. SC2 is not that revolutionary, and isn’t really revolutionary at all…it’s just a tweaked and updated sequel.

But hey, even all the dissappointed people agree that it’s better than SC1, and easily the best weapons-based fighter there is. And that’s enough for me. Gonna go pick up my copy today at lunch and play the hell out of it for the like three days left before I have to pack up my Xbox.

I do think they could have stepped up the visuals and maybe even the quest mode a bit if they were able to concentrate on only the Gamecube or Xbox instead of trying to make three simultaneous versions all identical to one another.

If anything, I’m more than happy to just be able to play this phenomenal fighter on a current console. It’s a nice step towards eliminating the need to drag out the DC just to re-experience a wonderful gem like this.

Put me down for Apathy. I was excited about SC2, I dunno, a YEAR ago. But since that time, my interest has waned. That happens with me sometimes. You hear an big announcement about a big game. Then you’ve got over a year of preview after preview describing everything about it. By the time the game comes out, you feel like you’ve played it already.

Lately, I’ve just been ignoring previews altogether… including Half-Life 2. Just show me the freakin’ game when it’s done, alright?

Soul Calibur is the only fighter I ever really got into, even despite myself. I’d never enjoyed the genre but this one was so acclaimed that I bit the bullet and I’ve never looked back. Soul Calibur 2 seems to be just more of the same, as good as it may be, and the general sentiment here sounds about right.

On the other hand, my big complaint about Final Fantasy Tactics was the goofy bobble headed children and weak dialogue I was supposed to identify with. That and the difficulty and length of even ‘random’ battles. I don’t mind complexity when it’s complexity that contributes to suspension of disbelief or immersion, like Romance of The Three Kingdoms, but in FFT the design goal seemed to be complexity for its own sake. Like Mah Jong or something.

So why did I order Disgaea after reading the thread about it? Because it sounds so cool, there must be something I missed about FFT, and maybe I’ll get the appeal of these animae abstract strategy RPGs this time. I already ‘got’ Soul Calibur and SC2 doesn’t seem to be offering me much more to try out.

Soul Calibur II falls into the Jurassic Park trap.

The first SC was not only a HUGE step up from Soul Edge, but also the best game on the Dreamcast at launch and for some months after. Because of the timing of its release it gained A LOT of extra respect.

SCII is a worthy sequel, at least from what ive played, but the jump from Dreamcast to PS2/GameCube/Xbox isnt nearly what the psone to Dreamcast was. That was something almost awe inspiring.

This generation we’ve already been treated to DoA3 and VF4, one with knock your socks off visuals, another with some of the deepest gameplay that can be found. Puts SCII, no matter how good a game, at the bottom of a very tall cliff. A cliff the first SC was placed right at the top of at release.

I’m thinking about getting it, but right now I’m trying to see how many times I can get the demon penguins to say “dood!” in one attack in Disgaea.

Prinny, dood!