Sound Bar Issue

I have a Samsung Smart TV and a Sony HT-XT1 connected to it through ARC HDMI.

For some reason when I switch the TV on the sound bar goes to HDMI 2 which is the correct channel and the sound comes out of the speaker and the tv comes on.

After 20 seconds the sound bar then auto swaps to the TV channel rather than HDMI 2 and I manually have to change it back, just the once but every time I turn the TV back on from standby.

I have looked through the manual etc and tried loads of settings both on the TV and soundbar.

Was wondering if anyone has any suggestions?

Well 130 views isn’t bad. I still haven’t managed to solve this or find a solution. Might just be a fault with the soundplate or tv I suppose.

I wanted to help but I have no experience with ARC HDMI or sound bars (I’m more of an AV receiver/surround sound guy). Maybe try a different HDMI cable? Maybe your cable is 1.2 spec and ARC requires 1.4?

You might try asking at avsforum, or Scott Wilkinson on his Home Theater podcast at TWiT.

Thanks for that, Ihave looked through AV forums, maybe posting would be a good idea, the weird thing is it did work when I first got it then started doing this…