Source 2 launches and changes nothing

Title Source 2 launches and changes nothing
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When August 7, 2014

Valve updated Dota 2 last night. Along with alpha mod support, parts of the game were apparently updated to the long-awaited Source 2 engine. People seem pretty excited by this. Rumors of Source 2's existence have swirled around Valve for years..

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3 is a prime number and thus only naturally divisible by itself and 1. So this is actually a setback and we will have to wait for Source 3.

Uh, 2 is a prime number as well. Maybe you just have a problem with the number 2?

But 2 doesn't divide into 3 evenly. They'd have to make Half Life 3 and Half life 3:Episode 0.5 for the math to work.

Indeed, 2 does not divide evening into 3, but there was none of this mentioned in your original post. Only about 3 being a prime. Since all we have is Source 2, I guess you will just have to wait for HL4 for math to work out nicely.... :-P