Source for PS1 Games

I’m primarily a PC gamer, but I want to get a few more classic titles for my PS1. It seems as though most stores only carry PS2 games now (new & used). I was wondering if any of you folks had a reliable online place to buy these, other than EBay. Used games are fine; I want to play them, not collect them.

Thanks in advance!

It’s owned by eBay, but the prices are fixed.

Look for a local dealer of videogames since they’re less likely to abandon older formats as quickly as the chain stores. We have a couple even in the rather small city of Reading, so depending where you’re at, you should have somewhere around you that still sells them.

Barring that, eBay is actually your best bet. I try to stick to people selling from their personal collections, but there are a number of decent dealers on there too. You might pay more for the games this way, but you often get decent product and can usually find new and sealed games among the usual used ones.

If you’re willing to spend the time, you can also hit local yard sales during the summertime. People will often part with stuff for a lot less than eBay prices and if they don’t, just let the games on their table and walk away.

There is always Game Quest Direct, but they sometimes re-print the games and can on occasion be a little expensive. Other than that, there are trading sites and the Amazon Marketplace. I tend to get my Playstation games from eBay or one of the above.

The flea market in Raleigh has several game vendors that sell tons of old games for every imaginable system. If you have a local flea market, check it out.

I’ve found some great deals on PS1 games at local pawn shops. Unfortunately no Tactics Ogre yet.

I think I’ve seen some PS1 games still at some EB/Gamestop locations recently. I know that the independent game store here carries a bunch.

You would be surprised what shows up in Big Lots software bins/kiosks. I’ve seen older console stuff (cd based) and newer PC titles chucked in there together at my local one in Maryland. They are pretty random though and you have to be willing to sort through piles of schlock shareware compilation cd’s, crapware, etc. Very YMMV.

My current source for PS1 titles specifically are EB/Gamestops used bins. They tend to have them mixed in a bin sleeved/cased in mostly alpha order. They’re not on the wall anymore, only in the waist high bins that are common at those places. I don’t know if it’s a regional policy to have those out though. I can’t speak for anything but the east coast.

My current source for PS1 titles specifically are EB/Gamestops used bins.

Most EB/Gamestops don’t have PS1, Dreamcast, any more. They generally designate only one of the stores in the area as the “old crap” store, the rest just have their bargain boxes filled with 2,000 copies of Madden 03 et. al.