South Park, Mohammed, and Family Guy

Best. Episode. EVAR.

“The sand thing sounds good.” “Yeah, let’s do that.”

They still seem to be working out issues over the scientology episode.

This season seems overwhelmed by metatextual issues.

The promos for the show next week that wonder aloud whether Comedy Central will, “puss out” are great.

That episode was great. Cant wait for next week :-)

I think things will go pretty much how Parker & Stone predicted it would through their “Family Guy” allegory.

Comedy Central (and not FOX) will either censor or yank the episode if they try to depict Mohammed. And that will make 3 religions that have effectively silenced South Park: Catholicism with the bleeding ass Virgin Mary ep that was never reshown, Scientology with the “Closet” ep, and if they go for it and things shake out as expected, Islam and next week’s ep.

It’s funny that the Jews never seem to get episodes yanked, even though Cartman is pretty much continuously anti-Semitic in the worst possible way. Especially ironic when you consider that Jews control the mass media! ;) I guess the Tribe can take a joke, though…

I’m eager to see how this all turns out.

I hope it doesn’t go like they predicted, because Cartman’s little speech about how a pulled episode puts a show into a death spiral towards cancellation made me a tad nervous. I hope the creators of South Park aren’t really thinking that South Park is now doomed.

It’s not South Park, but when Family Guy first aired they pulled an episode where Peter tries to turn his son into a jew so he’ll be successful. Of course, that was a network show, so maybe they only care if the Nielsens cross a critical threshold.

Isn’t the joke that it’s not really a two parter?

I’m confused–didn’t they broadcast the Scientology episode and the Catholic episode?

Won’t they just do an entire Terence and Philip episode next week?

The Catholic episode, yes. Once. Never again.

The Scientology episode, no. It got released onto the Internet after Comedy Central refused to air it, supposedly at Tom Cruise’s urging. Rumour is that he threatened to not promote MI:3 (which I believe is a Paramount pic, which is owned by Viacom, the same company that owns Comedy Central.)

As for the Family Guy Jewish episode, “Wish Upon a Weinstein”, I always wondered WHY that got pulled. There certainly wasn’t Jewish protest about it. I think the FOX execs got overly cautious there and just bailed. The fact that it’s been included on DVD sets and re-aired ad nauseum on the cable networks seem to indicate that.

It would be a great joke if there were no “Part 2”, but an even greater one if they just go for it, instead of encouraging people to bury their heads in the sand.

The Scientology episode was shown. It was a re-air that was pulled.


It was my understanding that they showed the “Chef Returns” episode, but never showed the “Closet” episode that kicked off the debate.

Maybe I just missed it…

[EDIT] Ah, I just found out the answer. The “Trapped in a Closet” episode wasn’t aired in the UK. It was aired once in the US (and I apparently missed it then) but never re-aired.

There already was an episode of South Park which featured a singing, dancing, laughing-at-semen jokes, Mohammed. (“Super Best Friends”)

Neither were pulled after one airing either. Both played several times during the week following their premeire. Maybe they’ve decided not to show them again again, but it’s not like they went into a black hole by 10:30 on the west coast.

It’s Sea MAN goddamnit!

Holy shit, you’re right.

Where were the mass protests over that? I’m pretty sure they show repeats of that episode as well.

I liked the part where the expert proposes a ridiculous solution, and in the stunned silence that follows another character steps up to be a mouthpiece for the views of the creators, and then everyone sides with the first guy.

The Closet Episode can be downloaded from the not-quite-so-pro Scientology web sites, I believe it was made available there with the southpark creators knowledge and consent.