South Park Season XII

Not a great episode but the season opener had some moments… Like Jimmy Buffett singing “AIDSburger in Paradise” and Cartman dressed up like Tom Hanks from Philadelphia.

Last night’s episode was one of the best the show has ever produced. That was Woodland Critter Christmas quality material, and if you’re a fan and you missed it run out and find a torrent or whatever.

I thought it kinda sucked until the satanic chanting at which point it got slightly better.

It reminded me of Critter Christmas too in the sense of how fucked up and unexpected the plot was, but it was way way way less funny.

I’d say “best the show has ever produced” is quite the stretch. I wouldn’t even rate it above average.

Nothing is on par with Christmas Critters. Nice twist, but nothing that made me laugh out loud.

Hey, I said one of the best! Picking a best South Park episode would be an impossible task for me.

Anyway, weird, I really thought it was great. I couldn’t even look at the TV without losing it during the first segment after Brittany’s…accident, and every time she talked my eyes started welling up with tears of laughter. The recording studio, the MTV awards, I thought the whole thing worked extremely well, and the ending was perfect. Maybe it’s in part because the last couple of seasons have been kind of lackluster, and further removed from the episode I’ll find it less funny, but I really thought it was sublime.

Christmas Critters creeped me out while making me laugh. I guess that says something (?) special about it…

“Scott Tenorman must die” is still the best episode ever, but this latest one was in the top ten.

Yeah, the singing in latin thing was awesome. I’m glad they came down on Britney’s side in this episode. Every time I accidentally see part of TMZ on TV I want to go to LA and start murdering paparazzi.

The season premiere was promising, but wow was that Britney Spears episode painfully unfunny.

Pretty funny. Love how everyone is oblivious to the fact she just shot herself.

Really? I thought the Imaginationland episodes in particular were among their best.

Cartman was great in this episode, so true to character… once the shit hits the fan (i.e. Britney blows her face off) he runs from the room and is never seen again. I never thought a character’s absence from an episode could make me laugh so much.

I think the show peaked with season 8, and then started a very gradual decline in quality. I wouldn’t say it’s jumped the shark, and they still turn out some hilarious stuff, but their consistency dropped considerably with Season 11. It only had like 4 episodes I’d consider great and a couple more I’d consider good, while episodes like More Crap just seemed devoid of funny.

I thought the Imaginationland episodes in particular were among their best.

I thought they were OK, but not that great. Mostly I just felt like they didn’t really need to take 3 episodes to tell that story. Great payoff at the end, though.

I thought the premiere was very meh. South Park is like a Rorschach test.

I kinda have to agree. I usually like my South Park a little dark, but that one was over the top. I totally agree with the point they were making, though.

By the way, no need to torrent old SP episodes - they now have full episodes for viewing at

Huh. Mohammed is still censored out, btw.

I think Cartoon Wars would lose its point if Mohammed wasn’t censored.

Anyway, I didn’t like the Britney episode to much because the message got out in the open in the first 2 minutes, and it takes a lot of the sting.
Especially if you compare it to the premiere and its “Cash heals AIDS”.

I dunno… if you manipulate your image such that you’re a non-stop sexual fantasy & continually drum up & actively attract papparazzi, it seems a bit misguided to feel pity for her when she is consumed by her own image.

At the same time… yeah, the paparazzi (and those that support them) can go to hell.

The Britney episode was just plain unfunny.

She’s consumed by mental illness, not “her own image.” I’m sure it’s exacerbated by the non-stop attention, though.