Space Above and Beyond on DVD - Oct 25

It’s been available as an exclusive for a month or so at Best Buy which is when and how I picked it up. I was actually picking up a printer that day and was completely surprised to see it on the shelf.

The set is pretty bare bones and kinda cheaply produced using 4 flippers. The image quality is pretty nice, but there are no extra beyond a collection of TV promos. Would have loved some insight from Morgan and Wong in interviews and/or commentaries. But I’m feeling pretty lucky to hsve DVDs at all! At least I can toss my crappy recorded off cable VCDs now.

It’s interesting to see how absolutely crude the effects were in the pilot and first few episodes. They really got immensly better as the year went on.

It’s still some of my favorite Sci-Fi ever on television. By the 2nd half of the season the show had really found its legs and was consistantly compelling.

I heartily reccomend this release.

I miss this show :(

Oh awesome! I was trying to find this shit online a year or two ago with no luck… not much tv from that era has ever made it online.

I’ll be looking out for this one for sure.

One of the most entertaining sci-fi series ever. The scene where the guy listens to Johnny Cash as he’s sucked into a blackhole is just priceless…

I refuse to watch it for fear that I’ll destroy my old semi-fond memories of the show.

That’s the best episode ever.

That’s the best episode ever.[/quote]

That is the episode that made me go out and buy some Jonny Cash CDs. I am forever thankful that I watched it because I love Jonny Cash.

I remember being in love with Kristen Cloke, who apparently married Glen Morgan.

Yeah, she’s hot. I liked her in the 2nd season of Millenium too, where she went nuts.

The show did take a little time to find itself and as such there are some clunkers (I’m looking at you psychic tunnel episode), but there’s too much great stuff to not pick up the show.

Ray Buttz, Hostile Visit, Choice or Chance, Stay With the Dead, Who Monitors the Birds?, Toy Soldier, Dear Earth, Never No More, Angriest Angel, Sugar Dirt and the two part finale: As You Lay Us Down to Rest… & Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best. All those stand up really well.

“Like eatin’ pancakes.”

I did kinda get tired of them doing everything on every mission. Also, way too many pipe filled tunnels. I had a serious flashback to that in the second half of the Battlestar Mini-series.

How self contained is the show? Does it feel like it was abruptly cancelled or does the first season have a satisfying arc?

I could insert a Cryptic spoiler here, if you want.

she was also cool in “profit” another tv series that died before its time.


Which episode was the one where they’re in the transport and I think it breaks apart, sending different team members in different directions? I think I only caught about 2/3rds of the episodes.

That was the finale. To answer the earlier question there is a certain finality to one arc, but the series ends on a pretty major cliff-hanger regarding the fates of Vansen, Damphous and McQueen.

Eh I never did like this show. Didn’t like the situation, the people, the fleet, the things they got themselves into… seemed mostly dumb. The Chigs did look cool, and a couple of episodes had porn star Ashlyn Gere in them.

— Alan

Ashlyn Gere also appeared as a neo-Nazi in a couple episodes of Millennium, specifically the Owls/Roosters two-parter. Nice.

Great find, thanks. This is now added to my christmas list… definitely a good show.

Damn I forgot about her. She was a very bad girl. So very bad…