Space Battleship Yamato (2010)

Finally saw this. Pretty predictable cheesy fare but it’s as close to a live-action Wing Commander movie as I’ll get.

KimuTaku is getting a bit old to be leading boy though.

Closer to live action Wing Commander than the Wing Commander movie? That’s pretty harsh, but probably fair.

Ugh, that abomination was Chris Roberts’ Das Boot wannabe.

What parts of it reminded you of Wing Commander? I watched this a few months back and never made that connection…and I still don’t see it.

I think the decison to make the Gamilons into [SPOILER] was retarded. It reminded me of the Final Fantasy movie, with it’s anti-gaia ghost enemies. Actually, FF was a better movie.

Needed MUCH more space battleship, and a lot less of * else.

The scrambling of the Black Tigers squad? Granted, I am a little starved for spaceships launching off a carrier kind of movie so I’ll draw any flimsy connection I can I guess. I never liked BSG so this satisfied that itch, if only for a bit.

Yeah the CG for the Gamilons and the shooting on foot was the worst CG. Space backdrops were really nice though. I haven’t watched Japanese film for a while and had forgotten how much melodrama and crying there was.

Yeah, a lot of the US sci-fi series like BSG lack that space opera feel that Wing Commander has so I guess you have a point there.

I was trying to think of another recent movie that might be similar and I couldn’t so…Yamato it is!

No, no it’s not. If you’re referring to The Spirits Within…it’s pretty terrible. I loved it back in the day for the technical aspects, but the script is just a mess.