Space Colony: Misogynist Game

Just picked up Space Colony at 1/2 Priced Books. It’s not entirely bad, definitely different and kinda Dungeon Master-like.

But I’ve noticed something: It’s quite racist and sexist!

For example: each member of your crew can perform certain actions: working on power, oxygen, harvesting food, clearing weeds, cleaning, working as a medic.

Funny thing, though: I now have a crew of two men and two women, and none of the men know how to clean. They can’t do it! But take a wild guess who can! The two ladies! Wowie zowie, hello 1950!

The black fellow in my crew is the medic, but he talks like he’s from a bad gangster movie. i send him out to explore the surrounding area and he says “Yeah, let’s check out da hood!”

Jesus, I am pretty speechless.

I didn’t really notice that, to be honest. The characters are all ridiculous stereotypes anyway (the biker, the bimbo, the nerd, etc.), so I guess it makes sense as far as it goes.

It sure had a lot of humor that fell flat, though. I liked the game anyway, and played the entire Peace path or whatever they called it. I was burned out on it so didn’t attempt the War path.

Further still into the game I got another female, Candy. She’s a valley girl and the ONLY skill she starts out with is cleaning. She’s completely incapable of doing anything else without training.

Jesus, I am pretty speechless.

And easily offended.

Space Colony was built around obvious, goofy stereotypes.

If this really offended you, you need to get out of the house more.


Well, it’s not that it drove me to the streets screaming in terror. It’s more of a “If they were gonna use stereotypes, just go all the fucking way!”

They’re just simple, dumb stereo types. They could have been so much more offensive, why not just go all the way? If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Just having the women clean is gonna make sure you don’t get laid, not cause guffaws. I mean, they could have added some jewish bean counters, or some lecherous Italians, or maybe a short Japanese techie who likes octopus porn.

Dave Chappell knows what I’m talking about.

Yea I liked that game for a little while, Id like to see more like it. However, the game wore on me and had a major flaw which totally turned me off:

Everyone one the station gravitated to hating each other’s guts. Even when you had a mission goal to make X and Y like each other and get over thier differnces, in about 20 min they would be at each other’s throats again.

About the best things you could eventually do Is get robots who did all the work since they didn’t spend time fighting with each other. IF they lost the whole social aspect the game would have been vastly better.

If any game company wants to make another game like this please do (and feel free to improve it a lot too). I really like these kinds of games, it is a shame that they are so rare.

100 % agreed