Space Empires: Starfury

Another forum poster turned me onto this when I was asking about spaceship customization. I can find very little information on it online, and haven’t checked out the demo yet, but I was curious if anyone else here had tried it and had opinions on it.

I bought it a while ago. The game is like a space rpg of sorts. You have your ship and you can only have one ship at a time, but you can buy new ones. In order to get anywhere fast, you have to speed up the clock. I can’t remember the amount of ships , but there are alot of parts you can attach to your ship. Shield destroying lasers, different kinds of shields and power sources, etc. Combat is you picking the target and hitting it, you can fly around the ship to get at different points, such as a weaker side.

I think there are side missions you can on, I did remember a nasty bug that kept me from beating the final mission, where it wouldn’t recogize the target being destroyed. I got one ship up to the point where it was near godlike. 6 missle launchers, alot of lasers, it could disable almost any ship once in range.

It was a big let down. Tedium, boring missions, and boring ship design. IMHO Aaron Hall is clearly a much better stategy game designer.