Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


Or the Ford…Galaxy.


The Honda Civic hatchback, car of kids who love to mod their cars pretending they’re hot stuff because they slapped some rims and undercarriage lights


No, you guys, it’s truly the Honda Fit. Small, maneuverable, LOTS of room inside and highly moddable.


So, @BrianRubin, have you seen this? Coming out tomorrow, apparently.


Uh huh.

I…really hope he fixed the controller issues, because wowie.


Also, guys, Tom created this thread for us to post links to our content, so I’ll be posting my weekly updates there so you don’t miss any updates or new content. ;)


@BrianRubin could you continue posting them here too, if it isn’t too much trouble? I’d like to know when you are posting things relevant to this thread without having to check the other. I’m pretty sure other readers/posters in this thread would agree.


That thread exists specifically because Tom wants all “promotion” style links to go in a single place, so I’m pretty sure Brian can’t post his links in here. :/


I think there’s a significant difference between an existing thread on a specific topic that people post relevant content to vs creating a new thread every time somebody has some random thing they want to pimp. I believe the new thread was intended to prevent the latter, not the former, and that the members of this forum can distinguish the difference. @tomchick?


FYI y’all, with all the Drox talk, it’s on sale this week!



Go suck it, discourse.


Hmm, isn’t $19.99 the regular price for that?




Don’t forget to also buy the expansion, which adds just a boatload of stuff.


Oh, thanks!

Should one start with the DLC installed?


Hint: Scavengers are cool.


Thanks Brian.


Yeah, there’s no reason not to, it mostly adds stuff onto an already great base game.

Happy to help!


[quote=“Misguided, post:4329, topic:67658, full:true”]
could you continue posting them here too, if it isn’t too much trouble? [/quote]

He was asked not to earlier in the thread:


At that price and with all the good buzz I really couldn’t pass up Drox Operative. Here’s hoping I figure out how to play it. Any tips for beginners?