Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


I am going in tonight. Will report back.


I’ve also got a few moments with it as well. Gives off a nice Space Bucksey vibe.


Space Ranger had a menu driven adventure when you land on a station. 3030 had some sort of 2D platform exploration- so I feel it has more characters than Space Rangers. The space combat of 3030 is real time vs ability to pause in SR. 3030 does scratch the SR itch to be honest, that “busy space ports” with freedom to do anything and having a story behind it.

I didn’t realize the game I was playing is Early Access :O


Battlestar Galactica Deadlock released today.

More pew pew pew for you.

Initial reviews look promising. Sounds immersive and fun.

Toasters is toast.


Wow you guys! Star Wars: Empires at War just got a massive update with Steam multiplayer and Workshop support!


It’s so good it got its own thread! ;)


Is it using the same engine as Star Hammer the Vanguard Prohecy? I sort of remember hearing about a BS game coming out based on it.

I put this on the wrong thread not sure how to move it especially when on my iPad.


I’m not sure if it’s the same exact engine, honestly.


I’m pretty sure it is, with some obvious updates, tweaks, etc.


Is the voice that of Katherine of Sky? It sounds familiar at the very least.


Since my cat was taking up my PC chair today, and I couldn’t play BSG Deadlock, I decided to play the next best thing:

MAN this game is hard. The first mission is some multi-phase thing that I can’t pass the second portion of, and there are NO checkpoints, so one has to start from the VERY beginning. It’s kind of maddening, despite how much fun it is.


Guys. GUYS. Space Rangers HD just got a maaaaassssive new patch. Like, HUGE.


Awesome, I’ve been wanting to get back into this.

Of course, I’ve been wanting to play Starsector too… hmm, lot of overlap there.


PC’s best Space Games, do you concur @BrianRubin?


Unbelievable that they are still patching it. My #2 favorite game of all time.


Most of that list is outright bullshit. SHENANIGANS. THE DIG? Duskers?! COME ON. Garbage, this list is. No Freespace 2? THE FUCKING NERVE.



Yeah the list was indeed pretty bad. :D


Brian on his way to visit the PC Gamer office…


That’s what happens when you get high schoolers to write that article.


Seriously. I mean, some of those are good and even great games, but … well, Brian’s comment stands.