Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


Trade Wars 2002


If you’re looking for a first person, open sim with trading and combat and such, right now you can’t do much better than this:


Looks promising. Thanks.


Happy to help. There should be a demo of it you can try.

Ah yes.


3030 Deathwar Redux, a “genre-twisting experience” releases on Steam today. Think I’ll check it out.


I’m also running a contest to win a copy of the game, FYI.

It’s really a great game.


I picked this up last night, it was 20% off as well as coming out of EA. Looks good just need to get some time with it.


Once people play it, Id appreciate a better description of what the game actually is. From the store page, all I can glean is that you talk to people and shoot stuff in a space ship.


You need more than that? ;-)


I can’t really watch an hour long video at work… And I do not want to watch an hour long video at home because that will cut into my Divinity Original Sin 2 time.


It’s basically an open-world top-down space sim with station and derelict boarding, and those portions look like old LucasArts adventure games. It’s got a large universe, lots of ships and toys, really funny writing and tons of missions and things to do.


You could always just watch bits of it, no need to watch it all…


Don’t bother the man, son, can’t you see he’s JUST SO BUSY?


Busy playing D:OS2. However, I did email the video url to myself so I can watch it some other time.


I found the ship combat to be rather tough, and I couldn’t figure out any strategy.

The fire rates on the guns are so high, and the rounds so quick, that it’s basically just pointing at the enemy and trading hits, there’s no way I could dodge.


Have you played since they added mouse aiming? It really helps!


Can you play it using just arrow keys & WASD to aim? Mouse aim is useless for trackpad / laptop gaming which is my primary platform.


That’s how it was originally, so I don’t see why not.


Awesome, thanks man. Will be playing this later!


Same here. I gave this a good faith effort but, for this and other reasons, I found it not to be my cup of tea and refunded it. Which I rarely do.