Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


Look who’s on Steam now!


So a title that’s been on my wishlist forever and a day, Into the Stars, is on a steep sale on Steam: $3.99. Has this improved to the point where it’s worthwhile, or should I take the reviews to heart and just let it go?


No. Let it go.


Thanks, Brian - I’ll shed a tear for what could have been, but that at least reduces my wishlist by one!


Yeah, I Kickstarted it, and it is such a let down. If you want a game like this that’s actually good, get Icarus. If you want Multiplayer, get Pulsar.


Understood, and I appreciate it. To the backlog, I go!!!


Hey @BrianRubin I think you need to lawyer up and go after UbiSoft for trademark infringement:


Hah, it’s kinda funny because I did apply for a trademark a couple of months ago.

Looks like a stupid game, too. ;)


Ubi will faceroll you, Brian.

Might I suggest: Gentleman Space Game Enthusiast or The Refined Sir’s Guide to Space Game Self-Pleasure for site names.


Mr. Rubin’s Spaceship Game Emporium and Gentlemen’s Club


Gentlepersons club. We here in space welcome people of all genders into the cold embrace of the void.


Can I suggest “Rubin’s Cabin”?


err…Rubin’s Cube?


Rubin’s Reuben?


Rubin’s train.


For some reason I was expecting this:


Gary Gnu says hello.


No G-nus is good g-nus


Aw, man, now you made me hungry.


Paging @BrianRubin. Can you please find out more about Phoneix Point?
And tell us about it!