Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


I did that. The interface is friendly enough.

Just that I have no idea what’s happening. A few number flashes when hits occur. Then it ends, typically because someone died, the hulls are nowhere near destroyed.

Is there any visual feedback on what is really going on?


Hmm, yeah usually something bad happens to the crew when the hitpoints get down to maybe 20-30% (eyeballing it) and its all over. No way as far as I know to get better feedback there.

For me I tend to play close attention to which abilities & effects are active. So system flush if I am on fire, maybe lock the guy if he is trying to get away. Go for a cheeky 3 range board ability and do a hit & run attack maybe. I dunno if that helps? Sorry if too vague.


Thanks! It’s good. I’ll keep a look out for the things you mentioned.


I think maybe what’s needed is a combat log similar to the one you get when traveling through space. Then you could refer to that to see what’s actually going on. It seems like an odd oversight given that they already have something like that for space travel. I asked about it on the forums so we’ll see what they say.

Edit: Someone replied and said there’s a combat log and a small button to call it up on the bottom right of the combat screen.

Yeah, I’ve just been retreating and bribing ships to avoid combat until my crew is higher level and I can upgrade my ship some.


Each weapon also has a chance to incapacitate the target ship which ends combat if it happens. This is how most of my space combats have ended so far. I have not seen anyone’s hull get totally depleted.


If you defeat an enemy ship without destroying it, what happens? Do you capture the crew? Ransom them, sell them into slavery, incorporate some into your crew? Do you keep the ship and can sell it? Or something else?

Trese Brothers Games (Star Traders: Frontiers and more)

Star Fleet Armada Rogue Adventures owners like me are saying thanks today for free DLC! It adds a new element that mirrors actual Armada history: Rogue Officers!

Players can now assign an officer to each and every ship in there (sic) fleet. There are 6 professions of officers and 4 ranks. The officer professions are combat, communication, engineering, medical, navigation and science. Each profession has 6 unique perks. About 2/3 of the perks affect only the ship they are assigned too, while the rest can affect your shuttle craft, planet lander or even your stats.

The race of the officers for a game are taken from the races in the game except for the main enemy or space pirates. This can come into play as assigning an officer of the same race as the ship will allow the officer to gain 50% more xp. You will never get an officer from your race or from pirate ships. This makes obtaining ships from other races much more important than what it was.

And it’s on sale:


And it’s an amazing game. One of the best of this year, in my opinion.


More importantly, when is your next SGJ podcast coming out?


Tuesday is our next show, we’ll have the developer of Astrox on to talk about his follow up game, Astrox Imperium!


I almost pulled the trigger on Star Fleet Armada Rogue Adventures but reading reviews it seems it takes around 30 hours to finish a game. For a game that looks to have a decent amount of replayability I was hoping for an 8-10 hour game length.

For those that have played can you shorten the game length through settings? Smaller systems?


I’m interested in Star Fleet Armada Rogue as well, but some of the notes I’ve seen about it suggest that the depth is daunting. Is this the type of game you can play somewhat casually or, like Dwarf Fortress, do you really need to dig into it to have any fun?


You really need to dig into it if you want to ‘complete’ it. I.e, win. You can have loads of fun if you don’t care about reaching the endgame. Which I don’t.


Sadly not really.

OMG you can totally play this casually.


Oh man that is a real bummer. I’ve been looking for a rougelike space game and this sounded perfect except for the game length.


Have you heard of FTL?


Yes. I’ve played a handful of hours of FTL. It was good but I don’t think I ever really liked the real time combat in the game. What I want is something similar to FTL, but preferably turn based and where you go and explore planets too.


Man, it sounds like this would be perfect for you.

It’s a tad expensive, and sadly not on Steam, but so great.


Yeah, I was looking at that one. I’m hesitant for the reasons you mentioned and also the draconian DRM the game uses. I may have to download the demo and give it a try.


Yeah, do that. It really sounds like it’d be up your alley.