Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


Super fun game, really challenging.



Bite me.


Game of the year in some quarters. Paging @Left_Empty!


You’d enjoy it too much.


I like chicken. Wait, what are we doing again?


It’s a gem. Like Brian said, it is quite difficult.
The game is 2D shoot em up with a lots of buttons (this is what I have the most issue with, as you may have half a dozen weapons, each tied to a button) in which you set up a plan to basically commit a space heist. The thing is it always gets out of control, and the various elements of the ships generate a chaos which will force you to improvise oftentimes.
It doesn’t require too much of your time (a single level lasts about 15 minutes on average, I’d say), but it is one of the most thrilling and exhausting modern gaming I have done.
Also, the game is based around playing small campaigns over and over (a bit like Invisible Inc, but even more tight). That may not be everyone’s cup of tea.







Crapity crap, my wishlist is too long.

Okay, so does anyone know the name of the following game?:

  • 2D/top-down, you board a ship, do a mission and escape
  • silly trailer video, including commentary about kicking enemies out windows
  • you gain tech/powers to do various things, including a transporter swap to change places with an opponent


Heat Signature


Gah! That’s it - thanks :)

Oh, and so I don’t feel left out…


Heat Signature is fantastic. I love it. It loves me.


I couldn’t really get into it.
It felt like a nice concept, but just wasn’t that interesting : I didn’t find the top down fighting very satisfying, with its floppyness (excepting, strangely, for the wrenches), and the difficulty was totally random. Yet, losing didn’t feel like it had much of any implication. Which might be linked to the “strategic” layer, which I think is kind of a mess.
I bounced off it so much, I feel that I must have misunderstood something about the game and that I am bad.


I’m enjoying Heat Signature a lot. I bought it with my Helium Rain refund. It even has docking just like Helium Rain. Except that it’s fun, not incredibly annoying. :)


I think Helium Rain is great, and you don’t ever need to dock manually again if you buy the docking upgrade (which you can do in the first couple hours of the game). And manual docking isn’t any worse than any of the lockpicking minigames in Western RPGs of late. I liked what they were trying to do, and I appreciate that the game gives you the option to never dock manually again beyond a certain point. :)

Anyway… refunding Helium Rain: booooo. Buying Heat Signature: yaaaaaaay!


I enjoyed this. Maybe other spaaaaaaace gamers will too.

Oh heads up if you are around kids etc. Yamiks swears a lot.


Don’t show this to Chris Roberts…

Btw: That game looks awesome :)


Looks like the Rebel Galaxy team have a untitled game in the same universe: