Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


awesome thanks! I will push on!


Thanks. It looks and sounds quite good.


I bought this today because it looked amazing. Seriously, what a great concept for a game. But I’m running into non-stop crashes. I have tried to do the tutorial 3 times, and gotten as far as about 30 minutes in before it crashes. So far I haven’t been able to save a game so every time it crashes I have to start over. Probably going to shelve it for a week or two and wait on patches.


Objects In Space (or 688 Attack Sub in Space, as I like to call it) is very very neat from my first look. But like Crusis says, it’s underbaked. It crashes lots and has some other issues.


I like to think of it as Red Storm Rising in space.


One ping only.


It’s crashing less than in the Beta so far, in my experience, but yeah, I got at least one crash myself.


We’re planning to release the game sometime during the v2.3.x family of development before moving on to the v3.x family.

I doubt release is too far off, since they’re currently working on v2.3.x items.


They released a beta patch for Objects in Space. To enable access to it in Steam, you’ll need to open the Steam properties for the game, select the Betas Tab, Enter the access code betainspace688 , check code, and then you should have the option in the pull-down menu to switch to the beta releases.

Switching to the beta version should cause an update and you’ll see 0.9.1 on the main game menu after launching.

Version 0.9.1 (beta)

General Bugs:
Fixed a crash when selling a module which was currently open in your engine room.
Fixed a crash when switching rooms under certain circumstances.
Fixed the ability to hail other vessels in the tutorial and crash the game.
Fixed a crash when visiting the passenger cabin on the Ceres-class when you’ve got a passenger aboard.
Fixed a bug where the game did not always pause correctly at the PDA Options screen.
Fixed bug where Cluster mode did not work on PDA.
Fixed several crashes which occurred as you opened / read news articles.
Modules open for repair are automatically closed when you disembark your ship.
Usable objects glow ever so slightly when they your mouse hovers over them.
Stopped scroll wheel from zooming out from the PDA at the wrong times.
Made the selected tablet tabs brighter / more colour to make the current tab more obvious.
Fixed an issue with emails being sent too early.
Corrected the Enceladus-class Corvette’s airlock problems.

Fixed a crash when viewing binary files on your ship’s PC.

Made instructions in Jackson Farlane mission clearer.
Removed reference to the Valdez from the crew cabin.

Gave various planets and stellar objects unique looks.
Components now take very slow attrition over their lifespan.


fwiw, I have 63 hours played, still going at it, and the only thing that reminds it is in early access is the frequency of their updates, usually a couple a week.


Thanks for this.


Nice. Thanks.

Remnant, rts 4x that's...different

In another thread @rho21 championed Endless Sky:

Other mentions around the forum are from @mprod and @BrianRubin in this very thread from August 2015.

Does anyone have any experience of it? I started playing last night and so far it’s a very good EV:N clone, though I haven’t had any real combat yet. But I’m liking what I’m seeing so far/

It’s a free and open-source game being worked on by a single main volunteer, which leaves me worried about playing further incase the game ends up being really empty and devoid of scripted content, which is the opposite of EV:N, which was jam packed full of content. I don’t really want to “waste” my time, if you know what I mean!


I enjoyed both Endless Sky and Naev a lot.

Both are free, so just play and enjoy.


I can’t enjoy if it turns out to be EMPTY and MEANINGLESS! I don’t want to play through only to hit a brick wall of “todo: insert content here” and have all of the fun turn to ashes in my mouth! I want a complete “experience”. This is basically Tom’s complaint about EA, I think?

I looked this up myself earlier today and it turns out that only a single major “storyline” is implemented associated with one of the factions. Whereas EV:N had like at least one major story line for each faction.

Naev is similar and still half-finished.

I think, rather than playing half-complete EV:N clones, I might see if EV:N can still be installed and run on Windows 10…


A major storyline in ES is picking which side of the emerging conflict you want to join and helping them for the duration. You’d definitely be able to do only one per playthrough anyway. So yeah, you’ll only get the one playthrough at the moment, and no choice of which faction you prefer.


Shrug Then go play Space Rangers HD, or Rebel Galaxy, or Beyond Sol, or Drox Operative, or any of the numerous other top-down, 2D space games that are complete, man.


Question: are there any of these kinds of games that don’t focus on combat? I’m more interested in something story driven, really, with interactions with aliens/people (aliens are people, too?), rather than just going around, blowing everything up. I mean, I like stuff like Everspace or Rebel Galaxy, but sometimes I just want something more substantial than fight this, now go fight that, you know?


Well, there’s No Man’s Sky… (ducks his head and runs away)


Well, recently we have Scavenger SV-4, but beyond that, you’re gonna have to go back a bit to games like:

  • Noctis
  • Millennia: Altered Destinies
  • Starflight
  • Nomad

Because most spaceship-focused games have quite a bit of combat.