Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


Starflight 3 would be great…

Anyone playing Star Traders: Frontiers lately? How is it?

I see their latest update includes, “…With a few weeks left in our Early Access period, we’re doubling down on polish and are going to be hammering out updates fast and furious…”.

I’m waiting until release to dive in and it seems like it might be getting close.


Well I didn’t wanna say anything because their FIG campaign has this:

And I’d not been given the go-ahead to spread the word.


And I was already over 30 when I played it and the sequel on the Mac SE/30 (the port was pretty nice compared to the DOS version I got a glimpse of later). 640 * 480 8-bit color, baby! On a Seiko monitor with a Trinitron tube, way too expensive in today’s dollars–I don’t even want to think about it. I think I paid $500 for it in '92.


Yeah, the later editions on Mac, Amiga and especially the Genesis looked so much better than the DOS version.


There is a link on that trailer page in youtube to the backstage campaign. Pledged!


It’s on the front page of Fig, but that reminder is still at the top of the pledge page. Curious.

Anyway, I also pledged for it, and I’ve never played the first two games, but I’m always going to support this kind of thing.


I have been playing this on and off over the last few months of Early Access. I had been a fan since the Star Traders mobile apps from years ago. Frontiers is very deep, with so many systems I am happy there are automation options for some parts like crews and skills.

It’s been a great work-trip or late-night-while-on-vacation game from a laptop. There’s a whole universe in there you can dip into for as short or as long as you have time for.

They are close to release, publicly stating they are finishing up their last few polish patches before they release 1.0 in a few weeks:


Ohhh, that’s way closer than I thought. Hope we get a date announcement soon.


O great sage @BrianRubin what is the 4x game that is being worked on (solo dev I think) where (iirc) it tries to put you in the role of emperor? I’m sitting her with linux booted up right now so look at my windows install, can’t remember the name, and my google-fu has failed me. I should quit buying games if I can’t remember the names of the ones I’ve bought.


Stellar Monarch?


Which, of course, was formerly known as Pocket Space Empire, potentially explaining why it might be so difficult to track down.


Could it be Alliance of the Sacred Suns?


@Benhur That is it. Thanks!


Oooooh that looks cool, anyone have any thoughts on it?


Indie project that will not reach the finish line even though it looks really cool?


I’ve played some of the current build. Still very rough, but has amazing potential. So basically like every other early access game.


I figured it was worth risking $8, but haven’t really dived in yet.


They’re still plugging away at it, albeit slowly. I hope it will be finished because it’s one of the games I’m most excited about.


Thanks for the feedback guys.


Just as a random reminder, Objects in Space is patching along nicely.