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The link to the dev video for Astrox Imperium is broken on your update. It says server address can not be found.

I played the original so waiting to see how the sequel turns out.


Weird, sorry about that. Here it is.

K, weird, if I clicked the link I used in the editor, it worked. Should work now. Thanks for letting me know.


No need to be sorry just wanted to let you know. Thanks for posting it here.


Or uh – Buddy-ess?

Maybe Buddi-ess.

Btw when a Freelancer genuine purchase (not illegal) comes up (maybe on origin?) please someone let me know.


Is…buddy a gendered term? I had no idea.

Anyway, if Freelancer ever comes to Steam or GOG or whatever, I’ll yell it from the mountaintops.


Hey friends, new digest is up. Big news is the release of a few small, new space games, but other than that, just lots of patches and some fun dev blogs.


Hey Brian, have you played much Celestial Command? What’s it like?


Last time I tried to play it, which admittedly was ages ago, I had no idea what to do and just quit. It’s had a lot of updates since then, so I should really return to it. I’ll load it up today and get back to you.


So it has potential. I flew around, mined some ore, but couldn’t figure out how to sell it properly. Needs more tutorials, which they say is coming, but you can choose aerodynamic mode – which is easier to fly around in – or orbital mechanics mode, which is a bear.


Welcome to another week of spacey gaming my friends! This week is an odd one, my friends. I was planning on doing five entries – the usual number – of this thing called Space Tycoon, but I could only get through three because this thing is BAT-FORKING INSANE. In a not-fun-but-joy-sucking way. So if I can get my joy back, I’ll likely do a video or two for later in the week, but as I write this, I’ve no idea.

On the podcast this week (Tuesday, 5:00 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer), we’ll be talking to the developer of the really fun space fighter combat game, Hypergate!

For this week’s LAN Party (Thursday, 5:00 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer), we’ll be giving the strategic tactical roguelike thing For the King a whirl!

Thanks for being awesome y’all!


Lol I love your SpaceTycoon stream. You can feel the distasteful bile in your throat as you describe it :)


Dude, the last video is basically five minutes of me going “WTF did I just play, and where did my joy go?” followed by me staring off into space for 20-30 minutes once I stopped the recording.


When you busted out the bubble mini game I was rollin. “Err I guess we are doing this now? o…k…” :)


I was so surprised! I didn’t see that coming AT. ALL.


Box Quote!


Me either!


New dispatch today y’all, big news is some new small space games we found, plus apparently new DLC is coming for BSG Deadlock as they’re looking for beta testers for it.


Brian, What game is the first picture? I don’t think I’ve seen that one before?


Distant Worlds!


I signed up for the beta of Worbital that Brian mentioned in one of his dispatches.

This round of the beta lasts until wednesday.

I’ve only played one game but I’m already in love. You have a planet that orbits a sun. You have around 8 slots to build structures, like missiles that that are affected by gravity that you can launch at other players, refinieries to make more money, certain types of shields, etc. The game takes place in real time.

The cool thing is how varied it is in terms of weapon types and mechanics. There are weapons that will destabilize the orbit of other planets, a planetary grappling hook thing, black holes that you can launch, orbital boosters that will push you faster on your orbit, etc. There’s even a spaceship you can control yourself after you launch it, and a certain high tier item that will colonize other planets (you normally just have one planet per game).

You can get a beta key if you go to their discord and ask for one.