Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


There are multiple difficulty levels and there is a good variety of missions, so I wouldn’t discount it. It’s a great game, with some really tight dogfighting. I’d recommend it over e.g. Everspace, which is beautiful, but terribly grindy (rogue-likes are terrible). House of the Dying Sun also has a really cool strategy layer, where you can give orders to other vessels, switch to another fighter, and so on.


Anyone tried Dying Sun in VR? I’m having a surprising amount of fun in Skyrim VR, despite having thought of it as more of a VR POC.


Is ok but very fast and twirly. I prefer more staid experiences in VR such as real life aircraft flown chillfully.


So a bit of sad news, you guys. The developer of Rogue System suffered a head injury last year, and is still recovering, apparently. :(

Mike is a really good guy, and was the first guest on our podcast back in the day, so of course I hope he recovers speedily, game or no game.


Ah. That’s a bummer. Sounds like from an earlier post that the scrape with death also gave him a bit of a come-to-jesus moment on priorities.

I’m sad that DCS in space won’t be a thing, but I hope he bounces back fully.


Yeah, hopefully it becomes a thing eventually, but yeah, his health is first and foremost the priority.

So I wrote a new digest y’all. Lots of news, such as a few new games and LOTS of dev updates. Biggest news is that Voidship: The Long Journey has a release date of early February now, so yay!


Guys, the wonderful and amazing Helium Rain is now available on GOG if y’all like your games DRM free! :)


Is this a sign we’re running out of names for space games?


And at that price, bought!

Though I have to admit, I always start these games full of hope but eventually come to realize that I find them a tad… boring? Still, Helium Rain looks cool, so why not.


Hey dude, be happy it doesn’t have “void” in it.


This one does a good job of feeding you new stuff as you go, like eventually you get military contracts and can have all out corporate wars.


Yeah, the tutorial is actually useful. I’m pleasantly surprised. I also like that you can unlock auto-docking right from the get go and the autopilot doesn’t waste much time, you can fast-forward on the map, etc., etc. This might be a keeper; thanks!


Yeah, I’m buying it again on GOG. Game is awesome and I want a DRM-free version of it. It helps that I was already going to buy the Monster Football League DLC released today.


Is that good?


I think Helium Rain is a pretty cool and evocative name for a space game. Much better than “Void ***” or even “****space”.


I love it to bits and I’ll buy every DLC they release if I can, but that’s me. I think it’s like Madden, but leaner, better, and more fun. And with far more casualties. Speaking of which, you can even kill the referee, which would have been quite useful in that last Saints game, you know.


“Captain Rain of Helium in the Void of Space”


Someday I’ll make my space game, and I hope I find a better name than “Space Captain”.

I wonder if there’s a game called “Pace ‘n’ Space” somewhere.


Just call it “Space Place” and make it look like a 1980’s kid show with a terrible theme song.

“Space Place!”


The Space Game