Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


What does Astrox have for the person with Helium Rain and Objects in Space as their go to space flying/trading games?


Hmmm, let’s see. A lot more skills to learn. Mining. And I guess that’s it.

That said, the three are very different games. Objects in Space is all about the “submarine-like” experience. Helium Rain is all about the streamlined trading/contracts. And Astrox is about being EVE offline.

And there’s X4, which has a lot more than all those three combined, but again, it is its own thing.


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Was watching an Astrox tutorial.

One thing I miss about X-Wing/TIE Fighter was that space was black and stars were white. Not this “cotton-candy-exploded-on-my-screen” junk in every game since then.



The thing about space games is, they’re so technically easy to do, they feel a little too easy, and everyone who makes them wants to distinguish them somehow, usually by splashing color everywhere. There’s no animation to do, few if any background objects, and you don’t have to obey real physics because that’s too un-intuitive in space.


Link, please.




Now, I am not saying that I like a bit of the green. Because where I am it is not yet fully legal. But I AM saying that, if I did enjoy such, I might have both a bit of vodka and the green. Just saying, you see, just maybe… mine the shit out of the asteroid 741 meters from my station’s door. And I might decide to mine the feck out of it. So that my apartment in the station might have a clear view of the god damned SCENERY!

If you understand…


I found playing a different soundtrack than the games helps too. Running a mix in a browser with the games music off. May I suggest this? If you like that sort of chill thing.


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Your video for Gaia is great, its looking like something special. A 2D Space ARPG caught my attention. Along with the fantastic art style.


Hey Brian, did you get a Dark Future beta key?


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Er…that’s not a space game…is it?


No, but I saw that you had it on your Steam wishlist. I was just curious.


Oh, yeah, it looks fun.