Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

As it should! It’s VERY Escape Velocityish.

Sounds like a game I need to play, then 😁.

Maybe something to look at after we get into our new place.

You can play the base game for free. The Steam version includes extra stuff like an expansion pack and what not.

I don’t mind the cost…just my computer isn’t even plugged in.

Gasp I am so, so sorry.


It’s great, really a fun solo exploratory and combat MMO that I’ve been really enjoying through its alpha and beta. It reminds me a lot of Jumpgate in its best ways.

But… early access…

I’ve been through the alpha and the beta. It’s pretty stable and fairly complete as is, truly. It’s a great time to jump in.

Is PvP avoidable?

I’ve got several hours in and have never done any PVP. I hope to avoid it entirely. I just wanna explore – which is so fun – and do missions really. But in creating an organization, we might have to have some here or there. I’m fine with that, combat is fun. So many toys.

Yeah, I just don’t want to deal with griefers or someone coming along and ruining a setup I’ve spent a lot of time putting together, etc. if it is isolated to certain sectors or something that you don’t need to go to, that’s perfect.

You don’t really lose anything when you die, only time. If you die enough times, ten I think, then you lose cargo and such.

From the dev on a Steam thread:

you can switch multiplayer modes between full, coop only and single player. So if someone is really annoying you could turn them off for a while


That is Mr Fuck to you, sir.


;) just teasing…

OH wow that’s really cool, I didn’t know that!

Yes Sir, Mr. Fuck sir.

You nasty motherfucker. ;)

K apparently I’m wrong, if you die 10 times you lose pretty much everything and end up in an escape pod. Visiting a station resets your lives.

Not asking how you discovered this…


That answer is no fun. None at all, sir.