Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Well, at least it got the overall story right. I remember one of the fans that came out with his own mini-campaign post-Freespace, he still had Earth as part of the story, and the rest of us told him, no no no, didn’t you play the end of the game? Earth is closed off from the rest of humanity after we destroyed the Shivan ship in hyperspace. And then, I remember he said “Oh ok, I missed that part”. D’oh!

Oh geeeeez what? C’mon.

I wish I was retired so I could follow Brian forever!!!

Wow, thank you!

Is Wing Commander Saga any good? I had it installed for years but never got around to actually playing it.

It’s very good, and hard, but the love for WC pours out of every pixel.

So fun to see the EF2000 video @BrianRubin! Love that sim. I can’t believe you pulled off the air refueling maneuver! I was never able to do that.

On the sad side, I recommend you watch the youtube feed. You did have some really bad bandwidth drops.

Yeah, it’s weird, with this one OBS setting, it lowers bandwidth to compensate for network congestion. With it on, I get no dropped frames, but lower bitrates at times. With it off, I get dropped frames. Still experimenting.

Well regardless, whenever you want to make more EF2000 content, I’m up for watching it :)

Oh I’m gonna, just you wait. I gotta read through the manual and strategy guide first, then do ALL the training missions, so a couple of weeks. Today is Strike Commander, though. ;)

Brian, your avatar doesn’t look very much like you do in the stream.

That requires a higher tier of patronage for all the plastic surgery needed.

New trailer.

I just found this rather cool video essay about Space Beast Terror Fright from over a year ago on YouTube:

Alas, it looks like the channel’s been dead for a while.

So I played the retail version of Crying Suns today and wow, it’s so much better. It has all kinds of stuff, like fighters and what not, so you feel like you’re actually in charge of a big ship. Neat events too, and fun combat. I’ll be doing a vid next week if y’all wanna wait, but so far initial impressions are very positive.

That is good to hear. The demo was frustratingly punishing. Eager to hear more of your impressions.

Yeah, I bet they heard that a lot because this was far gentler, at least in the beginning.

Been playing a little SPG Warlords but I’m rapidly losing interest because the combat seems to be the genre standard “circle-athon” turn and burn stuff, which I have little patience for (and which is a large part of the reason I rarely play space sims anymore). Are there any good fly-fight-trade space games that don’t fall into that pattern? Rebel Galaxy (the first one) was largely free of it thanks to the whole broadside combat conceit, but it looks like the new one regressed.

That’s kinda every space game. I guess you can go top-down like the amazing 3030 Deathwar.

That’s a pity.

Maybe I just need to wait for Star Sector to be finished, that looks like it’s got potential.