Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

I have it on PC, and they swear they’re bringing all the shinies they made for the console version to the PC. Let me try that first and report back. Last time I played it it was just a god damned mess of a thing.

Wow, that brings back memories, I played that demo longer than I’ve played some games. They has some really good ideas, too bad they couldn’t complete the game.

Yeah, I saw the screenshots on the store page and it immediately took me back. I played the hell out of that little thing. But with basically no info on this, I’m hesitant to even drop the $20…

I am pretty much of the same mind. Watching for a sale.

Unless of course Brian comes back to tell of glory to be had.

OK Brian you can’t just tweet this game and not say anything else

Well it’s not like I played it or anything innit?

This looks very interesting, RTS space game in the solar system, rather than the usual galaxy/universe. Got sort of a “The Expanse” vibe from it:

Is there a vertical axis or is it just 2D?

2d only

PC version (and all the other consoles) is supposed to be out on Friday. Did anyone play the Apple Arcade version? How was it?

I didn’t play it on spits on ground Apple, but I was just sent a copy so videos will be up next week.

Any spoilers on your opinions? Looks like Redout does Starfox, except without the talking animals. It’s cheap enough to have a punt on it, and I fancy some brain-off space 'splosions.

Oh wow, it’s only $9. That actually makes me think there’s not much there.

Edit: Hmmm, you’re right, the reviews and the video they put on Steam clearly indicate it’s Starfox, essentially. I played Starfox back in the late 90s on the N64 and loved it, but haven’t touched it since. I wonder if I would still like Starfox today?

I’ve not even touched it yet. I’m told it’s fun though.

If you do, get Starlink on Switch with the Starfox expansion. It’s pretty great.

Oh right! I have that game for free on UPlay/UbiConnect, whatever that’s called nowadays. I should try it out.

You do, but the non-Switch versions don’t include any actual Starfox characters or ships.

Anyone tried out the new game Dyson Sphere Program? Kind of a Factorio in space. It looks pretty interesting–made by a small Chinese development team.

So far its reviews have been amazing.

I told my Factorio buddy about it yesterday, and he’s been playing this all day today.