Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

I’ve not even touched it yet. I’m told it’s fun though.

If you do, get Starlink on Switch with the Starfox expansion. It’s pretty great.

Oh right! I have that game for free on UPlay/UbiConnect, whatever that’s called nowadays. I should try it out.

You do, but the non-Switch versions don’t include any actual Starfox characters or ships.

Anyone tried out the new game Dyson Sphere Program? Kind of a Factorio in space. It looks pretty interesting–made by a small Chinese development team.

So far its reviews have been amazing.

I told my Factorio buddy about it yesterday, and he’s been playing this all day today.

That Dyson Sphere thing looks cool. Might have to try it.

I almost hate to ask, but do we have a recent EVE Online thread here? I found several threads, but they’re all pretty old. I’m just curious if anyone is playing, whether there’s a Qt3 Corporation, what’s new in the last decade, that sort of thing. In particular, did they ever implement the ability to walk around and do stuff on your ship, or on a planet? I dimly recall some talk about that.

I purchased Dyson Sphere and the beginning was confusing. The tutorial that they have so far is not detailed enough, at least for me. For example you start in a space ship and your helper tells you to head to the planet set for you. Problem there are four planets and which planet is not evident that I could see. I had to start the game over a few tines thinking I must have missed it somehow. Eventually I headed to the smallest planet thinking that would probably be the starting area and I guessed correctly.

I can see there needs to be some UI improvements. You can hit shift key and then select a bunch of trees but you have to click on each one rather than allowing us to mouse an area with the cursor. Hopefully they will update a few of the annoyances as they continue to work on the game.

The game also tells you to set your research but didn’t explain how to gain it. I only played for a short while but it looks like your have to create items to gain research a la Factorio. If I had never played Factorio I might not have realized it.

I would say that it might be worth waiting a bit or at least watch some YouTube when they come out first.

I will continue to play as I like these type of games and need more time like with any new game knowing the interface needs to improve.

I just started. You start the game and it says I have designated a planet for you and then it points you towards that planet. I guess it could be confusing if the first thing you did was start moving the camera or ship around.

As for research, it said you needed 0/1200 coils to produce the research. I didn’t know what that meant , but there was very little you could do to start off. There’s a big tutorial infographic in the upper left that says you need to produce these items for ‘manual research’. There’s a picture of a hammer and gear that says ‘replicator’ and that it produces items. So I clicked on that and was able to produce the item and very quickly I had unlocked level 1 of research.

I haven’t played much further past that, but my experience of the game is quite different, it seems to hold your hand quite a bit in the beginning.

Had my first problem with understanding the game, tried to make a conveyor belt move items into storage, went to the official discord and I had to use a sorter to get the items from the belt into the storage.

So far I’m digging the game though I think I’ve explored about 0.00001% of it :)

Here is my humble base on the first planet, on the left I’m getting iron from the gound, on the right copper, it’s getting smelted into ingots, and then some stuff is getting produced into the middle and being fed into my research matrices. Lots of stuff is unlocking.

Does DSP have any enemies you have to defeat along the way? If not, how do you “lose” a game. Seems like building your sphere would be automatic if you just put in the time.

Yes, the first time I tried I started by hitting W,A,S,D and ended off the track. However, the second attempt I just hit W to go straight thinking that the game had me aimed for the correct planet but I ended up in the middle of four planets. I noticed there were white arrows on the map and thought I was supposed to go in that direction only to realize there were four white arrows (which totally confused me). I restarted and when I got to the four planets I went to the smallest one.

I will fiddle around more this week and will look at the upper left for hints etc as you suggested.

I guess that hint shows up when you set a research task.

According to the devs they plan to add enemies in the future:

I don’t want to derail the interesting discussion of DSP; keep telling us about it! But nor do I want to start a whole new thread on EVE Online, as I’m not sure there’s any interest. So I’ll offer a few impressions here.

I reinstalled the game and loaded one of my three characters, a guy named HAL 9000. Hal has a Caldari battleship and an Exhumer, his two big claims to fame back in the day; I’m sure they’re lame now. But with a free-to-play (“Alpha”) account, Hal can’t use his Exhumer at all, which sucks. I’d have to pony up for a subscription. Plus, it now costs isk to unlock a skill you’re otherwise ready to train; I don’t remember that being a thing.

There do seem to be some nice improvements for PvE-oriented players like me. There are more missions, exploration tasks, hacking. There’s now a “coronavirus research” task that has you drawing lines around virus clusters for rewards, one of which is a mask for your character. But let’s face it, PvP is the big draw for this game. I actually can enjoy PvP in some settings, but with EVE, you can lose a lot of money and stuff when you lose a fight. I guess insurance mitigates that, but still.

Anyway, I’m going to mess around with it a bit longer, but I’m not optimistic I’ll stay long.

@geewhiz Thanks.

@Spock - I’ve played Eve off and on going back about 15 years, before there was such a thing as warp to 0. Like many MMO’s I play for a while and then it feels too much like BTDT, quit, and then come back a year or two later for another look. Last time I played was a couple of years ago with some guys in null sec where hacking and PI were lucrative and fun. Maybe I’ll get back into it again at some point.

Friends, I just had what was essentially my biggest and toughest invasion zone ever in Star Fleet II, against 64 units in total. It took an hour in real-time and cost me dozens of troops, but in the end, it was an amazing fight, so much so I wrote up a little AAR about it that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Oh and @Spock there IS an EVE thread but don’t worry about it at all you can totes talk about it in here too. :)