Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

@geewhiz Thanks.

@Spock - I’ve played Eve off and on going back about 15 years, before there was such a thing as warp to 0. Like many MMO’s I play for a while and then it feels too much like BTDT, quit, and then come back a year or two later for another look. Last time I played was a couple of years ago with some guys in null sec where hacking and PI were lucrative and fun. Maybe I’ll get back into it again at some point.

Friends, I just had what was essentially my biggest and toughest invasion zone ever in Star Fleet II, against 64 units in total. It took an hour in real-time and cost me dozens of troops, but in the end, it was an amazing fight, so much so I wrote up a little AAR about it that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Oh and @Spock there IS an EVE thread but don’t worry about it at all you can totes talk about it in here too. :)

Wow, awesome AAR, @BrianRubin! A really exciting read. Your SF2 skills are light-years ahead of mine!

Er, speaking of which, my career is in version 1.6/R3. I haven’t played pre-release 1.7 yet. Trevor says I should consult the PDF in the 1.6 files to figure out how to copy over my career files, but I don’t see the instructions in that 1.6R3 PDF. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place? Also, should I just wait for 1.7?

Also, thanks for indulging my EVE posts. Yeah, I did find a very old EVE thread, but I’m not sure it’s worth bumping – I’ve said my piece on it for now.

Yeah wait for 1.7, then copy the career files over as outlined in the PDF (Transferring SF2 Files.pdf) and you’ll be golden. Don’t overwrite your current 1.6 directory, make a new one, copy all the 1.7 files in there, then copy over your career files and save games. We’re hoping to get this all migrated to Steam soon to make this easier.

Thanks, Brian! OK, I was looking at the wrong PDF; the Transferring PDF explains it all clearly. I’ll wait for version 1.7.

Yeah hopefully it’ll drop today, been spending all weekend knocking at it.

Supposedly EVE pilots are helping scientists detect patterns in how COVID interacts with human blood cells. There’s currently a minigame called “Project Discovery: Flow Cytometry” in which we draw polygons around representations of clusters of … cells? viruses? I’m really not sure. But the idea is that the human ability to detect patterns may be a useful supplement, or training data for, computer algorithms designed to do the same thing. The project partners with McGill University and other scientific organizations. Supposedly 400,000 of the 40-plus million submissions have been useful.

I have no idea whether there’s anything to this, as this is not my field at all. Do any of you? In any case, the minigame is kind of fun (in small to medium doses), and it’s lucrative in-game, so I play it.

A recent EVE blog asks us to refine our polygon-drawing technique. I’ve read this post several times and still don’t understand it. Do any of you?

They did something similar in Borderlands 3, where is was about…genome sequencing I think? I Have no idea if its really a thing that is used in practice by anyone, though.

Hey man I’m stoked to read that, I really like text stuff and don’t have a ton of time for videos, so thanks for writing it up.

Also, can you edit those after you post? Because “Invavsion” is in the title.

God I am my own worst editor, thank you for catching that.

If there’s no enemies, why is this in their photos?

I was thinking those “guns” were shooting stuff into space, maybe to make the dyson sphere or transfer stuff from one planet to another?

I have been playing this. So far its a fantastic zero pressure builder/transport kind of game.

Disappointing to hear they are thinking of adding enemies. The game definitely doesn’t need that. It might distract from the building chill fun.

Either way the game is very fun and relaxing now! Hopefully they wont add violence and conflict.

It’d be nice if that sort of thing was optional when you set up a new game.

Yeah diff modes would address it!

So today I finally made Admiral in my career in Star Fleet II today, after about 200 hours. Now things will REALLY get crazy, as we’re in full-on war at this point. I mean, the objective for my next mission is to kill EVERY enemy ship in the entire sector. Every. Ship. That’s insane.

The big accomplishment today was capturing an enemy starbase, which I’d never done before, and took multiple attempts (plus they tried to board and capture me as well). What a god damned rush. I love this game.

Are these missions the same every time you play?

The game has thirty-five missions. Five for each rank. The objectives and the time limit for each mission don’t change, but the sectors in which they take place are randomized, so they never actually play out the same. One mission took seven attempts, for example.

Oh no.

Is that a clock in the corner?

It’s not that bad. I typically HATE time limits. HATE. But in this game you just try again, keeping whatever money you made from the previous attempt, while going to an entirely new randomly-generated sector. It’s only a simulation after all. ;)