Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Interstellar Space: Genesis free 1.3 update is now live and available to all players in the master branch! Change log here.

Friends, a group of developers on my Discord have put together an absolutely CRACKLING bundle of space games that you all must check out.

Any space sims in that group?

If you’re talking first-person sims, then yeah, Star Explorers, Helium Rain and Absolute Territory. It’s a great mix.

Not totally sure this is the right thread, but the game in question is in space…and has giant robots. So…

SD Gundam Generations is on sale on Steam. I mean, I don’t care at all about Gundam, but it has big robots and tactical battles I think. Is the game good enough if I don’t have any affection for the Gundam universe or is that really it’s only draw?

Uh, huh, well now, would you look at this? And right before a long US Holiday weekend…

I installed it this morning. So far it’s VERY promising.

Now does it also work with the VR mod? :)

edit: oh yeah baby!

  • VR Support, again thanks to the XWAU project.

Holy shit.

I think Brian’s gaming chair is all wet

He doesn’t game in zero g?

I game in an oxygen-nutrient filled pod that allows for 360 degrees of motion in six axes. Kind of like the stuff in the Abyss.

Any love for Pax Nova here?

Not from me. Game has no soul.

Noted. Thanks.

Happy to help save you money so you can spend it on better games.

Thanks. It was more the time than the money; it’s pretty cheap right now!

Dang. The total conversion Tie Fighter looks like the new best-in-class space sim.

Hey, @BrianRubin - spend any time with this upcoming game? It got shoved in my face, today, and I have to say it looks enticing