Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Wow - ten years! I remember when you first started. Seems like it was yesterday. : )


Thank you! It has indeed just flown by!

Welp, there goes $8. This ought to be fun.

Yeah the manual for the Genesis version is the best because it includes the text from the original manual, that story, and the hard-to-find hint guide. It’s basically the definitive documentation for the game, and why it’s worth owning a copy even if you don’t have a Genesis.

I love helping part y’all with your money.

Yes, very nice and comprehensive manual, I noticed. I read the Silverberg story in the manual and it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment though in all fairness it was commissioned to appeal to a much broader audience than the typical niche of science fiction literature. Still, it was unmistakable Robert Silverberg with flashes of his fine sardonic wit, especially the description of the perpetually poor crew falling into a planet’s gravity well and being so physically torn up by it that they had to use all their bank credits & savings to buy medical replacement limbs and body parts lol I wish Silverberg had gone into more detail about the vast ancient alien structure (clearly influenced by Lovecraft’s The Shadow Out of Time) near the end of the story that contained the artifacts.

First, congrats to Brian on the 10th Anniversary of SGJ!

Second and OT, I was a huge Robert Silverberg fan growing up. In my late teens (later 1970s and 1980) I must have read all of his novels aimed at adults, including A Time of Changes, Dying Inside, Tower of Glass, The Time Hoppers, The Stochastic Man, To Live Again, Up the Line etc.

I never got into the Majipoor stuff, but did enjoy his retelling of the Tale of Gilgamesh in Gilgamesh the King.

Thank you!

Guys, Trevor found a vintage commercial for Star Fleet II from 1989, and it’s great.

Wait, I thought it was one l in the company name.

Oh no hahahahahahahaahah

The super-brief image from Marble Madness at the end really cements the legend, lol

Hah apparently it’s from a compilation of commercials for EA games made at the time, so they just roll into each other.

“Light years beyond any space program on the market today.”

Actually that’s not hype.

I’d reckon it’s also still true.

Lord of Darkness - one of his rare historical novels - was great too, and I recommend it if you haven’t read it. Sorry to shanghai Brian’s topic again for a moment but I just checked out Robert Silverberg’s Colonies, a graphic novel based on his Downward to the Earth, and had quite a chuckle when I noticed that the artist used Silverberg himself as the model for Crazy Kurtz, the antagonist of the novel (which in turn is based on the famous Joseph Conrad villain). Okay, I’ll stop now.

No worries mate conversations ebb and flow.

Congrats on 10 years Brian, there is nothing better in life than getting to do something you love and have it be appreciated by others.

Thank you, it really has been a thrill.

sad Conan noises

And congratulations to Brian, of course. As an aside, my wishlist and wallet would appreciate it if you could be a bit a less enthusiastic about so many games ;-)