Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

OMG those are some of my favorites ever.

I’m just a caveman…

Thought some of you might like to see this since there are a number of ships from various games included:

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Wow, I never realised the difference in sizes in the Star Destroyers. I mean, I realised some of them were bigger, but wowsers that’s a huge step up from your regular star destroyer to the executor!

Reminds me of this poster:

Yes and yes according to this page:

The note there is the link to a Fresh Air interview (that I haven’t listened to)

This went live today into early access, the visuals they stun my eyes!

Featured, the Battlespar Calagtiga class! ;)

My first attempt with it was a bit confusing, and there are things with it that are currently frustrating like there are neutral structures that you can control if you have a ship or structure nearby, but there doesn’t seem to be any indication if you are placing a structure within range or not, and the placement can be a bit deceiving with the 3d interface. The neutral structures can generate resources for you, but there doesn’t seem to be an indication of where your resources are coming from (your own power or mining structures vs controlled neutrals). While there are some pretty pew-pew scenes going on I’m not sure how much of it is related to the actual weapons on the ships, especially the explosions going on everywhere. Perhaps it is point defense intercepting missiles, but I needed to be zoomed in much closer to see than I was.

I like the idea of being able to design ships and send them into battle in the games, and apparently there are a large number of possibilities if you collect all the blueprints, which you get through salvage when playing. I liked the idea of designing ships and fleets in Giant Space Battles, but always wished you could actually control the fight instead just watching, so I was hoping for a bit of scratching that itch that with this.

I look forward to reading @BrianRubin’s thoughts on it.

Quirky-looking indie space game called Lilith Odyssey which just released into early access and has one (1) user review thus far. Seems like a neat concept and figured I’d put this out there for others who might find it of interest, but I’m holding off giving it a go until some more impressions hit the Internet.

I hope to give it a whirl once I get back.

Wow, I never realized how small the Death Star was. Even the “Starkiller Base” that I thought was the size of a planet was only 660km diameter? Much, much smaller than I had been envisioning. And I didn’t realize a Halo ring was slightly smaller than the Earth. I thought it was much bigger than that.

This looks interesting . Has a demo which I plan to try. Oops I now see it has its own thread. Anyhow it has released.

They’re just talking about the Death Star in the movies and books. I’m talking about the actual Death Star.

Han or Luke mistake it for a “small moon” when they first encounter it.

Right. I was picturing something, maybe half the size of our moon maybe. Not 1/20th the size. 80km radius. But apparently Saturn’s two smallest moons are even smaller than that, 20km radius, so there’s some really small moons out there.

There are. Not sure how small they have to be before they stop being spherical a la Deimos and Phobos, though.

Hey friends, here’s the latest Star Fleet II dev update, along with a word on release dates (and how we’re not going to use them anymore, it’ll just be done “When it’s ready,” which we hope will be before the end of the year if not much sooner).

Thank you!

Cool, thanks for the update. Got it wishlisted and just patiently waiting.

Thank you for being patient. As much as we’d love to release this into your hands ASAP, we wanna do it right and not have a repeat of the disastrous 1.0 launch.

Friends, Hunternet Starfighter – the most exciting space dogfighter since Freespace 2 and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw – is now crowdfunding on IndieGoGo. Please do check it out.

This is really a great dogfighting space sim. I’ve been in the early alpha or whatever it is. Has a really nice feel to it and is actually playable with keyboard and mouse (even has multiple different control schemes for that) unlike many space sims that have come out recently (star wars squadrons eh?).

I backed for the tier that gives you 2 keys that let you play immediately, so I can get my friend in.