Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Oh shit, yeah that’s the one alright. I’m sads now.

A fairly positive review, despite some criticisms and no recommended rating.

Chorus has a demo I see.

I’m hoping to get a Chorus key, might buy it if not. The devs are great.

Wow, where did Chorus come from! I love these releases that I’ve never heard about before. I’m downloading the (enormous) demo right now, but it looks like it could be my thing. Steam review first impressions are pretty encouraging, except for a vocal weiner contingent who hate it because it’s got a female protagonist. They all need punching in their tiny dicks.

Ok, I played the demo of Chorus for half an hour. It takes a bit to get to the actual gameplay, first throwing an in-engine trailer at you, then a movie tutorial (perhaps the full game allows you to play these tutorials!), and then I discovered the SKIP button and got into the game. It took a little while to get used to flight. You can’t actually roll your ship, that I can see anyway, but instead the stick makes you bank, and left/right performs a barrel roll used to dodge heavy incoming weapons. You can re-level the ship at any time, but I admit I’ve always prefered roll control. Anyway, I got used to it.

Combat is good. You can boost, dodge-roll, slide and jump forwards towards a target, so in combination you have quite a few moves to make combat pretty fun. For example, you can boost towards a target, aim to the side, engage slide and then strafe it, or simply boost past, slide and flip 180 to shoot it from behind. I mean this is pretty much expected in modern space combat games now, and it works well here. Combat reminds me a litlte of… Freelancer perhaps, but maybe that’s because I was playing with m&kb.

Things explode nicely, it looks fantastic, and it seems like it could be a blast. It’s more of a story-driven space combat game though. Here’s your objective, go to it! Hard to judge diversity of gameplay from a demo, but the fundamental game is good once you get used to the controls. The game does wrest control away from you at certain points, usually to show you a new ship / threat type, and there are obviously some cut scenes where you have to sit back and watch. Whether it reaches the level of annoying that the Eurogamer review got out of it, who knows. I don’t tend to trust Eurogamer reviews much these days, but it could be a thing to consider.

Also, things I just learned, this was developed by Deep Silver Fish Labs, the same Fish Labs that developed the Galaxy on Fire series before they got gobbled up by Deep Silver.

@BrianRubin the best top-down Elite-style game is 3030 Deathwar Redux yea?

Is there anything close, maybe with a bit better controller support (that also supports modern resolution/UI scale)?

3030 works with controller but it is kinda clunky, and it crashed last night too…

How important is controller support to you?

Essential, I’m playing the game from the couch on the TV. Hence why decent UI scale is also important. :)

3030 works pretty well in both those, but the controller is obviously hacked in. The flying is good, but conversations and most UI screens make you use an emulated mouse cursor.

It’s not that bad, but I’m interested if there’s anything else modern around.

Silent Sector might do you.

It might be a bit combat heavy but for top-down with controller support it’s better support than 3030 if I recall, though I still feel 3030 is the better game.

We did give it space game of the decade for a reason. ;)

I’d also look into a wireless keyboard and mouse for your setup, it’ll increase your options exponentially. Like Unending Galaxy for example. Basically a top-down X game, but no controller support.

I’m intrigued. Don’t think I’ve heard of that one.

Cheers I’ll give that a look!

I have a wireless couch keyboard, it’s kinda essential for driving the PC from there and getting stuff working. I don’t like using it to play stuff though. I feel I might as well sit at the desk if I’m going to do that.

Like an X game, it can be buggy and take a spell to really click, but once it does it has a bajillion options to play it, from a single freighter to a full-blown empire. It’s an impressive thing.

Hey you do you boo, just telling you your options.

They don’t make that clear on the Steam store page at all. I’d have completely overlooked it.

In related news, Star Valor looks to be shaping up nicely. I definitely have my eye on that one.

Oh yes that one is looking freaking great.

Thanks! IIRC the X games aren’t your cup of tea. What about this one? (Would you be able to tell if it scratched the same itch?)

I liked this more because you could focus on one ship and just play that way, without the X’s constant urging for you to become a space-based CEO. I just wanna be a pilot, dammit.

3030 Deathwar is amazeballs

Intrigued by this today and hoping for good things:

The way you control the body looks interesting - like a toned down QWOP IN SPACE - so hopefully the things you’re asked to do with that body are interesting.

Oh God I’m sorry to me that looks super annoying.