Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Oh yes that one is looking freaking great.

Thanks! IIRC the X games aren’t your cup of tea. What about this one? (Would you be able to tell if it scratched the same itch?)

I liked this more because you could focus on one ship and just play that way, without the X’s constant urging for you to become a space-based CEO. I just wanna be a pilot, dammit.

3030 Deathwar is amazeballs

Intrigued by this today and hoping for good things:

The way you control the body looks interesting - like a toned down QWOP IN SPACE - so hopefully the things you’re asked to do with that body are interesting.

Oh God I’m sorry to me that looks super annoying.

I dunno, the co-op mode looks like it would transform an annoying game into a hilarious drunken Saturday night game.

First blush was the game was a fun time and I can’t wait to try it splitscreen with Lady Bismarck later. It’s going to cause so much swearing.

I feel like I haven’t used human arms before.

K y’all Chorus is a pile of crap. Avoid. AVOID.

You didn’t even enjoy the combat and controls, like the Eurogamer reviewer?

The combat is kind of fun with a mouse and keyboard, but the gamepad controls are TERRIBLE. Decent combat doesn’t outweigh the myriad of other problems the game has, from a horrid UI/UX to truly bad writing.

I liken it to playing a pen-and-paper RPG with a poorly-prepared, inflexible and player-hostile GM. OR, if someone ripped out one of those janky-as-fuck eastern European space games from the mid-2000s and gave it a bigger budget AND NOTHING ELSE.

In thinking on it, the combat is likely its best feature, it’s just a shame that there’s…gestures at everything…the rest of the game to get in the way.

Hehe I need to find some more crap games to feed you, Brian. That was entertaining!

I’ll totally play them!

I have not played more than half an hour or so of Chorus, but, I did enjoy what I played. I did swap the joystick functions on the game pad.

Felt like a fun arcade game, and that is without all the fun powers you get later.

Story I don’t really have an opinion on as yet, did not seem like anything too bad or good from the little I’ve seen.

I enjoyed the demo a fair bit, once you get to the combat. The regular grabbing of your attention and the cutscenes at the start were less fun, but in-mission that seemed less of an issue. Also, I totally played this on keyboard and mouse which seems to be what it’s designed for (felt very Freelancer-like).

OH silly Steam forum user, thinking a spaceship game that uses full-Newtonian physics doesn’t need a stop/brake button.

My new shirt is here!

Cool, did you get that done up as a one off I would guess?

Nope, someone DOES this.