Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

This one would probably qualify too, even though it might not count as existential.

Mantrid in Lexx season 2 was defeated due to bad pathfinding, and was probably the greatest existential threat I’ve seen in any sci-fi series (it literally consumed the entire universe!).

GOG’s weekly sale has a lot of sci-fil strategy and simulation games. Why not round out that collection?

I confess to looking real hard at getting Stellaris and all of its DLC last weekend, but none of the gameplay videos got me to commit. It just looked too “spreadsheet in space” like. Or yeah, “like work.”

I really enjoyed Sword of the Stars and considered a reinstall of that. It’s complexity was low enough and action high enough to keep me going. Modern 4x is just so menu-y now. Besides SotS it’s maybe been since…jeeze, MOO2 that I really dug in. In that one, like SotS I really enjoyed the tech race effecting the tactical battles which in turn effected the empires.

To that end, I just learned about Interstellar Space Genesis. Maybe that is more of what I’m looking for? Is it an approachable 4x that’s not all about layered menus? Is it good?

It’s one of the best space 4x games released over the last ten years. It’s really, really good, and not hard at all to get into.

I think I’ll pick up Interstellar Space Genesis too. I see the Natural Law DLC is also on sale. Would you recommend that as well, or should I just start with the base game? It looks like that DLC mostly adds new races, leaders and music. The music alone might be worth it, from what I read.

The base game alone is great, you can totally start there. This isn’t Stellaris.

What’s the new DLC like, released today, oh great space s(aus)age. the aus just came naturally to me :)

Haven’t even had time to touch it but it looks like it adds a LOT.

FWIW I heartily agree with Brian. To set expectations the game has a bit of a slow start and it takes a while to develop your starting planet but once you do and research the necessary things you start rolling. So if you are looking for a game where you can quickly expand and exploit you might be disappointed.

I also really like the way they handle exploration in Space Genesis, which is my favorite X in 4X games.

Oh yes good point! Exploration is also my favorite X, and unlike other 4X games (maybe with the exception of Distant Worlds) exploration never stops! You just find NEW ways to explore and discover stuff. It’s GREAT!

Sounds awesome! I actually like that it has a slow start. I prefer a slower pace.

Would you guys recommend I start with just the base game, or should I add one or both expansions?

What’s the combat like - turn based or real time? Also are there non-combat focused victory conditions?

Combat is turn based, just like MOO2 if you’ve ever played that, for better or worse.

There is a galactic council that elects the winner, so conquest or diplomacy, by getting other civs to vote for you, is how to win.

Good game, very similar to MOO2 with some improvements, in my opinion anyway, around colony development. AI is fine, not great without bonuses though.

I suggest base game to see if you like it.

But I’m a frugal Yankee

RedArgo answered this well. The devs LOVE MoO2, so they tried to make that but better, and I feel as if they’ve succeeded.

And a lot less micro than MOO2 when it comes to planetary development. Another plus for me

@BrianRubin and @orald , thank you for the thoughts about Interstellar Space Genesis! It sounds like a hidden gem. I also just noticed it’s gone on sale since I first looked at it on Steam. So, unless this Das Tactics ep1 play through scares me off, it looks like I will be celebrating Memorial Day weekend remembering all of our Space Force service people who have made the ultimate sacrifice.*

*I’m just being tongue in cheek about a new (to me) game, an extended weekend, and the extremely new branch of the military. I mean no disrespect to fallen, or serving, military personnel.

Wonderful, I do so hope you enjoy it. :)

Oh god yes very much so.