Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

No, because Master of Orion 2 taught people really want more Master of Orion 2 and not much else.

Master of Orion 2 's tech tree was much better than this incremental uninspired pap.

LOL that’s awful. What else is there? “Squeezably Soft Toilet Paper?” “Traffic-calming devices?”

The unimaginative hacks that make video games these days sheesh

Is this the same game? Trailer just got pushed out to me by the Youtube algorithm, looks pretty cool. Lovecraftian sci-fi always gets my attention. It appears to be available on, but not yet on Steam:

Yes that is the same game. As I recall Freelancer was a major influence on the game.

Sure is! Can’t wait for this one!

I found on steam this game:

reminds me about spaz for some reason.

Also, sometimes I play Void Crew, that is good.

Wow, that’s for the heads up. I could never get into SPAZ because of their lack of controller support. But it looks like Sipho lists Full Controller Support.

Sipho is indeed very good.

Thats too bad, I think the great thing about SPAZ is the story, and don’t think sipho will have that.

It has a story.

Might be appropriate here…

An in-depth look at Space Exploration in video games by NeverKnowsBest

I watched about thirty minutes of that before noping out. It’s not bad, though Starflight getting the barest hint of a mention – I feel Starflight still has some of the best exploration in any space game, to this day. – really put me off.

80% of the gaming population is younger than Starflight. Those seminal 8 bit games are crossing the cosmic event horizon.

No excuse.

I didn’t even finish Starflight back in the day (due to a corrupt C64 floppy disk) and still thought it was amazing and a seminal game in the space exploration genre. It just had that… aura of wonder that I never found in a space game I played since then, not even Star Control: Origins (though I never played Star Control II, so… there ya go). Maybe Space Rangers II was close though I didn’t like the text adventures.

It is a shame that kickstarter was so lacking. We really need a new Starflight. For the young ones

Still best in class, if you ask me.

Prophets, I’m still livid about that. One of the worst crowdfunding campaigns I’ve ever seen.

I still backed the doomed Starflight kickstarter and I’d do it again.

Same here. I backed it, but this was the worst, or at least the most disappointing KS I have seen. They were totally clueless as to how to run a successful campaign. I’m just amazed that no one on that team did any sort of review of what helps make a campaign successful.