Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

YAY! That’s really exciting, thanks for the heads up Ponicus.

Is Void Expanse that recent Escape Velocity/Space Rangers-like one?

Yeah, kinda top-down/isometric ARPG. Lots of fun.

Starpoint Gemini Warlords has just been announced. I love the features list.

Me too! Can’t wait to try it!

I don’t know, the game has some issues with its combat mechanics, its just not very exciting, and its very very dark, I can’t see whats going on, nor can I zoom in and watch any of the action, World of Warships is way more fun.

Lovelyl! I’m in day one! These guys are making exactly the games I want to play, and not many others try it !

Brian, what are your recent thoughts on Rodina? Anything change much since your look at it last year?

This is ordinarily the sort of thing I’d jump all over, but I watched Scott Manley’s video, and all I could think was, “Man, this is a really poorly-designed cockpit.” Redundant systems are cool. Representing them with one set of indicators per set of systems, and picking which individual system the indicators are looking at with a knob, and picking which of the systems other systems reference by referencing the knob position, is bad. Not nearly enough feedback as to what’s drawing fuel from what, or what power is going where, at a glance.

I’ve honestly not touched it in months
Lemme revisit it this weekend and get back to ya.

Oh boy oh boy. I’ll be looking out for your remarks. Might have to play something in DCS to get myself in a switchology mindset. :P

Fish, I had the developer on my podcast a month before EA began, and was able to play an early version of it. It’s AMAZING.

So Rodina has definitely had refinements since I last played. There’s a first person cockpit mode, more varied asteroid shapes and slightly smoother controls. The warp speed thing is still a bitch to control, and planetary reenetry is still a challenge, but I’m still having fun.

Also got a code for Into the Stars today, so keep an eye out for a video on that next week. :)

Back on page 69 i got help to rediscover the name of an old 2D space blaster i loved to bits on the Amiga back in the day (it was called Transplant), and as a side project i’ve been looking at more modern PC types of game that might be as addictive as that old shoot-em-up used to be, and well i might have found something.


It’s free and the main ‘download’ button gives you 1.01 version, but if you dig into the rather disorganised forums (sorry forum people over there!) and find this Newbie FAQ Start Here thread:

And scroll down to the section about ‘What Version of Transcendence should I play?’ you can get the latest version which is 1.08 (beta). After a few goes at 1.01 that is what i’m currently using and it is fine (with mods also!).

Here is a wiki:

Sort of 2D Elite, with a story/campaign thing, and so far a lot of simple (but deep) fun. Not sure how long it lasts, there is some randomness to the make up of systems each game, and lots of equipment and items to trade/loot etc, so it might have longer term re-playability? Anyway have a look if you don’t know it and maybe we can talk more about it?

Yeah, Transcendence is great, free to play too unless you want the relatively inexpensive addons, which you will. ;)

not free-to-play as in F2P?! I hope not. I did see there were some expansion things, and an online mode etc. Hmm well maybe, i’ll see how the main game (plus a few mods) goes for me first. I have discovered that the latest 1.08b version works fine with these mods:

The Network, Mining Pack v1.04, Captain’s Log 3.1, Identify before buying or selling, SFSpace Stations, No More Key Hints, Empty Wrecks Explode and Scuttle Wrecks (this last one is way down the list, but functional as long as you leave the ‘Transcendence’ xml file out of your ‘Extensions’ directory (where all the mods go)). You get mods from here currently:

And if you sort it by Rating/descending, most of those listed above will be near the top. They all work together fine. Now the FAQ/Newbie thread says that after first running the game it will create an ‘Extensions’ folder for you, in the same directory as the games .exe, but that did not happen in my game, so i created the folder myself then put the mods in that.

You activate the mods when you create a new game, just check all the boxes next to the mod names. It was not clearly mentioned in the games forum so just thought i’d put it here for others thinking of giving it a go, modded etc.

Oh nononono, as far as I know, the base game – which already has a ton of content – is free. If you want expansions that add more ships, solar systems and so on, they cost a few bucks.

Have we talked about ‘Objects in Space’ yet?

Looks really, really interesting. It’s a space trading game in a retro-future, with skulky space combat more akin to submarine warfare than dogfighting.

Not sure if the title is an homage to the Firefly episode, but – if so – I approve. The descriptions of combat give me vibes of the hours I spent starting at lo-fi radar screens in Red Storm Rising way back in the day, which pushes all the buttons I have.

It was just announced yesterday, and my nipples are VERY hard over it.

This. So very much this.