Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

I don’t think I like your new review scale.

Yep! :) But in an indie game thread. I agree with all that is looks and sounds very interesting, fingers crossed.

lol, well it certainly is distinctive, which might be a good thing?

Nipples made Batman & Robin distinctive too. Just saying.

Into the Stars will be on Steam EA later this week. From what I can tell it’s pretty much feature-complete but need a coat of paint.

I’m interested to hear Brian’s take, since all I could find on his site was a podcast and the trailer, but it seems to me the focus is on exploration and diplomacy, not necessarily combat, which I like.

There’s a replay of a Twitch stream the developer did about a week ago on Youtube, and I’m pretty excited by what appears to be a mix of FTL and Star Trek Bridge Commander.

New game: Prog song or Title of early-access Space game?

  1. Black Moon
  2. Beyond Sol
  3. Starless
  4. South Side of the Sky
  5. Rogue System
  6. Stormwatch
  7. Rebel Galaxy
  8. Aero Space Age
  9. Fractured Space
  10. Octavarium

I have been following this since the kickstarter, which I didn’t back, but it looks to be really good so far. :D

2, 5, 7, and 9

I’ll have a video of it going up tomorrow. :)

How is Metacritic going to work with this?

Friedrich Mohs already established the scoring metrics so it should be fairly straightforward to implement.

Excellent. All I could find on your site was the podcast.

That’s really all I had until I got the early access version last week. Funny thing about that too, it flat-out refused to run until I turned off Teamviewer, and it took me 3 days to find that out. Only game that I’ve had that problem with, so far.

Also, the executionable is named “Nebraska.exe”. o.O

Here you go!

You know, the way you describe the game (“space masochists are gonna love it”) doesn’t really sell it all that much to me, you know. :)

I’m just telling it like it is. ;)

So how would you rate it in the nipplemeter? “Hard, but with some extreme friction burns”?

At one time in my life I loved Oregon Trail and how brutal it was. Now I don’t have that sort of patience. This will appeal to a specific type of gamer, but I might not be that, so maybe one nipple out of two for the prettiness and bridge-commanderness of it.

I kind of like the difficulty (in space no one can hear you fuck up), but what was the deal with not being able to leave that planet’s orbit. Is that a bug or screwy design?

Great first look, seems enemy are blocking a lot of your shots I think you can change color of your weapon to cause damage to enemy, i.e. if enemy shield color is red, switch your weapon color to blue or yellow should cause damage to enemy hull. (there are 3 colors beside weapon/shield panel you can pick, blue, red and yellow, I believe) same as your deflection shield, if you can change the shield color to match enemy weapon color, it will deflect the shot.

Apparently you can change the color of your own shields to match that of the enemy’s shots, someone confirmed that on Facebook. The game as it is right now has no tutorial except that tiny “this is how you fly the ship, good luck fucker” screen.

I also think that planet issue was a bug. Early access, folks!