Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Pax Imperia is on GOG.

Never played it. Does it hold up?

I’ve been seeing it compared to FTL in a lot of places. Fair?

I have no idea - I never played it. But there’s a good chance Brian Rubin did, which is why I posted about it here. ;)

Holy shit, that’s a nice surprise! buys

I honestly didn’t play it much back in the day because there were a lot of better games at the time. I need to revisit it.

Yes, totally fair. Think Bridge Commander mixed with Oregon Trail mixed with FTL, but really cruel.

If I recall correctly Pax Emperium was a mediocre space game. I think Computer Gaming World gave it 2 maybe 3 stars or what ever they used in 1997. The combat portion of the game had the attacker starting in the upper left hand corner and the defender in the lower right hand corner and the attacker moved towards the defender. If I recall correctly the attacker almost always won unless the defender had a large fleet in orbit and built a boatload of defensive stations. I seemed like the computer would attack you and capture your planet then you would attack the computer and conquer the planet back and you would do this until you just quit the game in frustration. In my opinion this game is a no buy unless it’s on sale for a $1 maybe $2 if you’re a glutton for punishment. The GOG review by BaselusIV is pretty spot on, read it before buying.

I just hope GOG manages to get Imperium Galactica 2 some day.

Oh god yes please.

I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but here I go… Congratulations Brian on becoming a Steam curator with your Space Game Junkie site. I was looking through my steam front page when I noticed your site being mentioned. It may have been there for a long time but I was only now paying enough attention to notice.

Edit: Holy shit, I guess you have been doing it for a while now, there’s a lot of reviews there.

Yes, I just ran into Brian’s Steam curator stuff too - congrats!

Thanks guys!! :)

I just purchased Into the Stars, posted on the steam forums, got a reply from the devs, and requested a refund from Steam. The game does not support 1600 x 900 res, and the devs arent sure it will be incorporated at all, since they had difficulty with it. That means, my only choice is 1366 x 678 which looks horribly low res. No thanks!

Wowie. That stinks, sorry man.

Yeah, its a shame, because the game looks really fun! Especially now that I can’t play it ;-) It just looks way too rough on the low res.

I’ve downloaded it but haven’t actually fired it up yet. My native resolution is only 1680x1050, so I may have better luck,

The forums is full of people not being able to get their native resolutions, but I can’t remember if yours is one of them. Be aware there is currently a bug that leads to a lot of people just loading up a black screen. Early days, so it doesnt necessarily mean anything.

You know IG2 is on iOS, right?

You know not everyone owns an iOS device, right?

I first tried running it at 1368x768 and it looked fuzzy and like crap. I then dropped down to 1280x720, and the game looked considerably better but crashed as I was outfitting the ship, and it blamed my drivers. I downloaded the latest Nvidia driver, and was able to actually equip and launch a ship, plus fight my first battle.

If the game remains stable, I can live with this resolution for now. I do hope this issue is resolved . That’s what EA is for, right?

Today Elite: Dangerous is 33% off on Steam:

That’s the lowest price i’ve ever seen. But has it something to do with the leaving of Chris?