Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

The who of what?

I was talking about this:

Because the founder of the main competitor of Elite is stepping off the board. Elite is pushing it’s product with a discount of 33%.

Huh? Where does it say in that article that Chris is stepping down? I’m sorry, I’m not following at all.

Well. All of the cool people do. j/k ;-)

You got the article wrong. Alex Mayberry left, Chris took his place for the time being. Did you even bother to read the article?

Edit: also, Star Citizen isn’t the main competitor of Elite, because as of now, Elite exists and Star Citizen doesn’t. Simple as that.

Honestly, I can’t see how Star Citizen won’t end up being a boondoggle second only to the Madoff scandal, but I’d love to be wrong.

Actually, according to the article Chris’ brother Erin took over Alex’s tasks for the time being. ;)

Back to Into The Stars:

I played one game to the end - the end being never making it out of the first sector. While I was futzing around deciding what to do to explore the planet I was orbiting, 2 of the pursuing ships caught up with me and it was a very short battle. Of course, it didn’t help that I had already damaged my hull by sideswiping an asteroid.

One lesson I learned is to make liberal use of the pause key when deciding who to assign to various situations. I also need to get a more specialized crew rather than 6 jacks-of-all trades, since my buest guys were all tending to other things when the battle started.

Other than locking up when exiting, the game ran fine, if a little sluggishly at times, but again, I expect that to be fixed as part of the EA process.

I would say at this point it’s not worth the $20, unless you’re a masochist and really want to deal with the technical issues, but I would revisit it once the official release happens and these problems has been (hopefully) resolved.

That’s what I meant. I read the original post but his mention of Chris’ name got me confused. :)

The big 1.2 patch for the awesome roguelike Approaching Infinity was released yesterday. Besides adding a lot of new content, a second font was added which is way more readable both small and maximized. Although it’s pricey, at this point it’s well worth it for me considering how much time I’ve put into it.

Major Changes
 expanded tooltips for many situations
 made artifacts interact with each other
 added supply cost to away missions
 added MODDING directory: The modding directory contains copies of moddable files. Keeps main data files
seperate. The modding directory is activated by a config file in the media directory.
 began tracking total monster and race kills across all playthroughs
 gave the Stealth Runner starting ship better equipment
 officers can be injured on away missions, but there are no consequences yet: Future plans include 1) injuries must be
healed before officers may return to away missions and 2) severe injuries might also temporarily turn off their skill

Additions and Changes
 changed the default font
 shift+Control+F will cycle fonts
 added CANYON planet generator
 added RING SECTOR (a new nebula/asteroid belt formation) generator
 added 11 new monsters
 added double check for forcefield switches
 added tooltip for economic event in commodity exchange
 added a version number to the splash
 added 2 new kinds of special space suits
 added 2 new ship armors and 2 new warp drives
 added more insistent warning when captain on away team and near death or low oxygen
 decreased the cost of hull repairs somewhat
 decreased asphyxiation damage
 added a safety on/off message whenever you return to space
 made the “Monk” victory more satisfying and unique
 walking on water while on fire reduces the fire
 long away missions provide extra officer XP upon safe return
 waiting on away missions does not count towards XP bonus
 modified internal error reporting (for debug purposes)

Oh nice, thanks for the tip!

It’s currently on sale as well (if you call a measly 6% a sale!) for $33.95.

There’s an additional 5% discount to be had using code JULY2015, taking it to $32.25, a saving of $7.70.

Annoyingly though, the boxed version gives you both PC and Mac versions, but the download versions must be bought separately for each platform.

Oh geezus whut.

Maybe that could be changed if a customer were irate enough over that policy? Shrapnel seems a little stingy but the developer Ibol seems like a really cool guy.

In USD the sale is 15% off. It’s pricey and it’s a shame the game was not greenlighted on Steam. If I had known about it then I would have greenlighted it and maybe it would have been cheaper on Steam. I would certainly recommend it if anyone is one the fence after trying the demo out. I’ve payed more for many games that I’ve played way less.

The bad news at Yager today (-> Dead Island 2) has a positive angle: Their space shooter Dreadnought is unharmed by it.

I’m not sure this has been posted in this thread. The guys behind Galaxy On Fire HD launched a new company. Kickstarter coming soon.

New roguelike space shooter with a non-linear story is Rockfish Games’ latest IP

Everspace is a beautiful looking new IP from Rockfish Games that’s coming to PC, and its Kickstarter will be launching in August.

This is one of the first PC games I might actually fund myself, it looks beautiful and sounds cool! It’s a rogue-like space shooter that features a unique non-linear storyline offering exciting new ways to play every time you start. I mean who wouldn’t wanna try that? It’s almost like Starfox has been hijacked by a crazy Indie dev and pumped with new-generation ideas and technology (and no, I’m not talking about using a Wii U gamepad to play Starfox Zero, because nobody was asking for that).

Check out the screenshots we’ve got for you and see for yourself what could be an awesome new game to fund! If you’re interested you can subscribe to the game’s official newsletter to find out when the Kickstarter will, uh, kick off!

Those are very dramatic spacescapes!!

Just wanted to leave this here for posterity.

That’s all. Carry on. ;)

I mentioned somewhere (maybe this thread?) that I’d love to have a game which had some of the spacey-business-building features of the earlier X games, but without the clunky UI. 80% of the time I spent in X games was sitting inert in a ship somewhere just remotely managing my other ships through the super-cumbersome UI. X outgrew the cockpit, but the UI never seemed to catch onto that.

So, is there such a game? I’m not thinking in terms of traditional 4x games, but something more business focused and smaller scale. Start with a single trader ship, make some money and upgrade it. Add additional ships. Hire pilots and specialists. Create fleets with escorts. Eventually start building stations and factories. Align with factions. Maybe join in on the occasional war. Defend yourself from pirates and compete with other traders.

Is there such a thing?

Didn’t Imperium galactic or Hegemony start out like that? You started as lieutenant with a small fleet, got more responsibility and at end was at the og the entire fleet? Otherwise, I’m afraid it’s only Brians favorite game that let’s you decide how much to control or leave to the cpu/advisors :-)