Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Bought House of the Dying Sun today. But I didn’t play it at all, because I also bought Steamworld Heist, and Steamworld Heist is AWESOME.

That does look pretty cool. Wishlisted.

Sigh, sounds about right.

The more I think about it, the sadder I become. For two years, ES was my most-anticipated game. Now that I’ve played House of the Dying Sun…I…I just feel sick inside…like I have to give up something I’ve held onto for so long…and it freaking hurts and confuses me.

Also, this is what I’ll be playing tomorrow afternoon:

Funny thing is I’ve never played it before, so this should be funny, at least.

I was hoping for Shower with your Dad Simulator, but alas…

(I actually voted for Birth of the Federation, mind you)

It won by a massive margin. I was honestly shocked.

You guys are crazy for hating on House of the Dying Sun. It’s clean, sleek, and wonderfully precise. The missions have just enough of a puzzle/strategy component to elevate it above being an arcade sim. And there’s just so much character in the look and feel of the ships. The mission structure gets you directly into the combat, filler-free, instilled with a sense of urgency thanks to the traitor flagship, and with a variety of set-ups at varying difficulty levels with varying solutions based on which loadouts you bring and how you order your ships. Personally, I think this is a breath of clean fresh air in a genre bogged down by the mediocrity of its sheer quantity. I’m eager to see how the survival mode turns out.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your complaints, but not every space game has to be a wide-open procedurally generated universe with trading and diplomacy and factions. That’s like complaining that the new Doom sucks because it’s not an open-world game.


Enemy Starfighter, the previous iteration of this game, WAS open world of a sort. You could jump around the map and choose your battles. This new version, while retaining the amazing combat of Enemy Starfighter, feels just…smaller…so much smaller. It’s just something of an emotional letdown from what we once had.

This is what it used to be:

I’m not hating on House of the Dying Sun, since I haven’t played it (yet). I’m just loving on Steamworld Heist, that’s all. :D

Love this game - It is also one of the few games I know of, that changes its UI based on your allegiance. So much awesome! The voiceovers as well…Is it purchasable somewhere?

Right, and the developer has explained why it’s no longer that. It’s a rare skill to pare down your design when you realize your original intent isn’t going to work out. I admire anyone who can do that. The difficult part of the process is knowing what to leave out. And that’s one reasons early access can be anathema to the design process. It freezes into place expectations before you a designer should commit to them.

But more to the point, it seems to me you’re better off judging a game by what it is rather than what it could have been. By that metric, there’s no game in the world that holds up. House of the Dying Sun is a compact package of distilled space combat awesomeness, stripped of what probably would have been filler. I see that as a good thing.


Yes, I realize now I’m in actual, emotional mourning for the game that was and could have been, and I guess I just need to work through that.

It is NOT. Unless you wanna pay exorbitant amounts of moolah on eBay. I was very, very lucky to finally get a copy for around $15. They usually go from $70 on up.

Sure, but I don’t think that’s quite the sentiment Brian is expressing. (Certainly, it isn’t the one I feel, which I’m more qualified to speak on.) Leaving aside which design, House of the Dying Sun or Enemy Starfighter, makes for a better game, I was excited by the premise of Enemy Starfighter, and I’m not really excited by the premise of House of the Dying Sun at all. A tight, focused experience is less important to me than infinite replayability.

This is where I’m at too.

Also, I spent a couple years being excited by the premise of Enemy Starfighter, so where we ended up is doubly disappointing. I understand why the dev made the changes and there’s nothing wrong with HotDS, (name aside), it’s just I don’t find it to be very good and it’s not the game I was waiting for.

Sigh, yeah, basically. It’s like, for years, we were anticipating one thing (which I got to play and fall in love with, mind you) and now we’ve gotten this nearly complete other thing. This new, other thing isn’t BAD, mind you, it just took a lot of what we loved about the other thing and threw it out. It’s just saddening, and I feel honestly grief stricken by it, which I feel I’m allowed.

I’ll pointedly ignore this game simply because it harshed Brian’s buzz.

Oh don’t ignore it, please. On its own merits, so far, it’s a solid gameplay experience, as Tom’s opinion clearly shows, but for me, who’s been waiting for one game for years and then to get another is tough. It’s not rational, but it’s mine and I own it.

It still looks gorgeous.

It’s gorgeous and its combat just flows wonderfully. Just so, so fluid.

But when I first saw that linear, mission-based map, I just felt gutted, I admit it.