Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


Totally fun!


Loved Subspace, thank you for that.


While I’m usually not much into X3 universe or whatever its called, the new one thats coming where you get to pilot big ships is interresting. Maybe they can pull it off, because goodness knows it hasn’t been done very well so far.


Does Aurora fit in this thread? It’s like spreadsheets in space for people who think Microsoft Excel has too many graphics.

Here’s a screenshot.



hm, tried it, after stopping it from overwriting newer with older files in my windows directory, I tried to start it and it just crashed. I would recommend people to avoid this game.

edit : Did some research, and I now recommend anyone to stay the HELL away from this game, it will overwrite system files and kill your WIN 7.


I’m running it on WIN7 without issue. You need to make sure you don’t overwrite the files with the older versions on install.

The second line in the installation instructions says “Important: If you are asked about overwriting any existing files with older files, make sure you keep the existing files” so I did that and it’s going fine.

Having to click through a few Windows messages could be seen as a pain in the behind, but I didn’t really think about it.


I know, but if you slip up, and its easy to do so, you are royally screwed.

I would not recommend using this software.

Also, it crashes all the time for me, totally unplayable anyway.


Now we’ve confirmed the sky is falling in Norway if anyone else wants to have a go at this then the tutorial on the Wiki is a good place to start, in partner with the Academy section on the forums. Some of the tutorial is written for v4.47, but it is slowly being updated to 5.5*.

It will at least give you a quick idea of what you should be trying to do with your personnel, materiel and research to (literally) get off the ground.

Just make sure that in game setup you pick a Trans-Newtonian empire. This gives you a start with some components researched already. If you don’t do this then the tutorial will make reference to some shiny toys that you can’t find because you haven’t researched them yet - active sensors for one.

Certain lazy people will refer to Aurora as Dwarf Fortress in Space and while it has the Losing Is Fun™ element to it, the comparison isn’t entirely accurate. For a start the UI isn’t quite so clunky or obtuse - how’s that for faint praise? “Your UI isn’t as bad as DF’s!”.

I was very pleased in my current game when one of the solar system gravitational anomalies turned out to be a jump point to Alpha Centauri and probes tell me there’s a habitable planet there.

The Unity team are being prepared to load onto the colony ship MEIER and go take over that place.


Welcome (from the team). We had a blast working on it.


Subspace was the first online game I ever played, it was great fun.


I’d like to second the recommendation for Aurora. I’ve been playing it on and off for a couple of years, and I’ve never had it overwrite any of my windows files, nor do I think I’'ve ever had a single crash.

I always spend a bunch of time colonizing Mars, only to be wiped out by aliens shorly after succeeding. Still, I love the way this game plays, although it’s very heavy on the micromanagement.


While its a bit silly to pay a monthly subscription for just that part, I actually like the spaceship part of the new Starwars: The old republic game a lot!

It reminds me of the pc version of Rogue squadron, a starwars spaceship game I loved back in the day.

Its a lot more rollercoaster like than many other space shooters, in that you don’t really decide where to fly yourself, but is funneled down a path in the space area you are fighting in. Kinda like a shooting gallery in space, but for some reason, it strangely compelling.


Denmark 1-0 Norway! (Just kdiding Janster - sorry you had problems with the game)

Yes - micromanagement - I’ve just got all of the CO² off of Mars and I’m currently balancing out the mixture of Oxygen and Nitrogen and wondering if I should throw in a bit of methane to warm the place up, or just genetically re-engineer the human race to enjoy a broader range of temperatures.

If balancing gas mixture on spreadsheet versions of alien planets doesn’t sound fun then this “game” is probably not for you.

Sadly my +Mining, +Wealth Mars Administrator has been taken seriously ill and will probably die in the next couple years and I don’t really have anyone to replace them.

The good news is that my last 25 attempts to advance the game 5 days has advanced the game 30 seconds each time, so clearly the AI races are up to something - hopefully they’re shooting each other and not jumping some huge fleet to my jump points.


You sure you don’t mean Star Fox? Or the space sections of the Star Wars platformers? Or, you know, pretty much any game that has you fly a space ship down a tunnel and wing stuff?

On other more space centric forums there hasn’t been much interest in it.


This seems like the thread to ask:

Looking for the name of an iPad space game–not Space Miner–that I think is supposed to have bits of RPG, exploration, etc. in it. Think it was a 9.99 game on the app store maybe still but definitely was for a good amount of time.


Why not Space Miner? That game was AWESOME! ;) Was it Warpgate?

In checking Googles, might it also be Galaxy on Fire 2, or Ultraviolet Dawn?


Two newly released board games with a strong space theme are Eclipse and Space Empires:4x. Eclipse seems to be the more sexy game, whereas Space Empires is really chits in space in a game that doesn’t take as long as Star Fleet Battles.


I’m pretty sure its Rogue Squadron it reminds me off :-)


I played a lot of tabletop SFB back in the day. That game has rules upon rules upon rules. The first PC version was actually pretty good, though it needed a good single player campaign badly. The follow ups in the next-gen/DS9 universes oversimplified things way too much, and ended up being terrible. Which is too bad, as the base game really could’ve used some simplification, futzing with mostly hidden settings like ECM/ECCM doesn’t seem very Star Trek like. But simplifying it down to just forward/rear shields, and losing a lot of the weapon arcs made it too simplistic.


I don’t think that’s true because I don’t think there’s a trench run. How can it remind you of Rogue Squadron without DEATH STAR TRENCH MISSION?!