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I coded a game similar to that back in high school in 1978. Never saw anything past the uni server.


Ohhhh, you mean the board game thing?


Having gone through the manual enough to have a basic understanding of the game I decided to give it a shot - and was disappointed. It lacks polish, to say the least, which I sort of expected. Still I encountered a few bugs (windows not sizing properly, combat resolution off) and the occasional game locking up.

I’m asking about a refund, which is a shame, because the concept is sound and this could have been a very good game if implemented properly.

Grognard Wargamer Thread!

I hope you get the refund man. Thanks for diving in there. I might still get it if I find a really cheap copy on ebay or something.


In news about hopefully-better games, my podcast cohost and I had Dave Williams, the designer of Astrobase Command, on our show for the month. He’s a really interesting guy with a lot of similarly interesting ideas on interpersonal interactions and how to represent them in games, and after talking to him, I’m much more excited about Astrobase Command than I was (and I was already looking forward to it).


What happens if their Kickstarter doesn’t fund? Sorry if it is mentioned on your show, but haven’t had a chance to listen yet.


They’re committed to releasing the game either way. They’ve been funding development with contract work for several years now, but successful funding will help them get it finished in a timely fashion with some extra features.


Thanks for the reply, and I’m seriously considering backing them.


Starpoint Gemini Warlords comes out tomorrow, and as a celebration, the devs are giving Starpoint Gemini 2 for free the next couple days:


The other space game getting a 1.0 release this month is Everspace, IIRC.

Also, if you want some old-school space gaming, the two Independence War games are on sale for a buck fifty each on GOG.


I didn’t get into SPG 2 so much. How is Warlords compared to 2?


I’ll tell you once I play it properly. :-) I was waiting for 1.0 to really get into it, but it’s supposed to be a lot better. I think @BrianRubin played a bit more of it at this point than I did.


I got an email saying the refund is being processed, so kudos to them for that, at least.


Thanks for going in. Sounds like a wee bit beyond even my lowfi tastes.


Some warlords videos:


I picked up Warlords in Early Access a while back, but for “gits and shiggles” if I click on Install Game, I don’t actually have to install it for it to “take” and stay in my library, right? I honestly can’t remember how it’s gone with previous Steam freebies.


Yeah have to click on Install (I think), but you can then stop the download and cancel it if you don’t want it to actually install. At least that’s what I always do in those cases.


Obrigado. (you are Portuguese-speaking, right, IIRC?)

BTW, for braver men and women than myself, I noticed that Distant Worlds Universe is on sale for two thirds off at the Humble store (more than that if you’ve got a further discount going):


So…this happened…


Probably to improve the discovery queue recommendations.