Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


Absolutely, it’s one of the finest space games of the last 15 years.


Amen brother.

Now tell me if Starsector compares favorably to it? Pretty please?


I can’t because Starsector isn’t anywhere near done yet.


Yes. No question. Yes.


just as an FYI, this is actually a fairly small segment of the game. I grew to like it, adding a nice “arcade action” bit to mix things up. You also get different effects with various weapons in hyperspace as you do in regular space, so it adds another layer of strategy (albeit a thin one).



That would be cool. I tried SR2 once and couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was.


What is this blasphemy? :)


SR2 is one of the greatest games of all time, period.



Best theme song, evah


I’m taking the dive, downloaded it and am trying the tutorial.

And my guy died trying to destroy the drone in the combat training part of the tutorial.

So I’ll probably be crap at this game but I plan to read the manual and give this a serious go based on the enthusiastic responses from ya’ll.

This forum is so great.


That was my experience too. I didn’t get too much farther than that. Once I realized that I hated the RTS portion, and that I was crap at the space combat, and the text adventures were okay but nothing to hang my hat on, I was thinking, what exactly is left for me to play for?


No one likes the RTS portion. :)


To be fair, that part is harder than it should be. There’s a lot more “room” in combat (generally speaking) in the game proper, even more so with proper upgrades and such.


And isn’t it entirely possible to opt out of the RTS bits? Maybe even the text adventure missions?

What always kept me from getting very far in the game was trying to figure out how to keep repair costs from eating me alive (and mind, this was in the olden days of late 2004). I’ve never found a good strategy guide that gives you all the hot tips.


You can totally opt out of them.


I thought so–do you know of any good guides to SR2, BTW (other aficionados please feel free to chime in)?
Also, did I understand correctly from what you wrote a few posts up that you may be doing a video series of this?



I retried it and bought a bigger gun for my ship and it wasn’t too hard to destroy the drone.

By RTS are you referring to the planetary battles? Because my guy died again during that part of the tutorial.

Game does not hold ones’ hand.