Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


I just found Space Rangers Quest on Steam while checking to see if I own the HD remake (I don’t). That one looks like nothing but the text CYOA bits of the game.


That’s pretty much all it is, yeah. I got Quest as a gift and can’t find the heart to play it.


Yeah. It doesn’t hold your hand. But that’s the fun of it. And do opt out of the planetary battle. I didn’t play it once. That is kinda weird mini game in an otherwise excellent space game.


Actually no. They’re trying to teach you to go buy a second weapon, iirc. Once you stop on a planet and make that purchase, killing the drone is quite easy.

EDIT: Now realize @orald said almost the same thing a few posts up.


So, no go-to strategy guide for SR2 out there then? I guess I’ll see what’s available from the Steam community.


I honestly don’t know of any.


Looks like someone(s) put a guide together over the years and it’s here:


Thank you @Papageno. Very helpful.


Space Rangers was even worth the Starforce destructive DRM.


It really was one of the very few high points during the dark, low, slow times of space gaming after 1999.


In memory …


Hahahahaha. I was thinking Freespace 2. That being a commercial flop, sadly, is where I see space games dying (or at least in a coma) for over a decade.


For fans of the classics like Privateer, Freespace 1 and 2, and Tachyon, what’s a more modern game in the same vein. Played and loved Rebel Galaxy, looking for another, preferably gamepad controlled, for the PC.


So are you looking for something more linear/military, or something more open/trading, because the games you mention cover both. ;)


Either would work. I enjoyed both. Though I’m leaning towards open/trading right now.


Trade Wars 2002


If you’re looking for a first person, open sim with trading and combat and such, right now you can’t do much better than this:


Looks promising. Thanks.


Happy to help. There should be a demo of it you can try.

Ah yes.


3030 Deathwar Redux, a “genre-twisting experience” releases on Steam today. Think I’ll check it out.