Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


Thats not what you were supposed to say :-D Also, maybe it deserves its own thread? Or a Trey Bothers thread?


That might be a better idea, actually, since all their games are great.


Until such a thread exists. I have got stuck twicein Star Traders (out of money, crew mutinous etc). But I really don’t mind. I kind of like the fact you can screw yourself over. Feels like playing without a safety net.


As I said, very responsive:

I am here to help with the dry dock questions. First, know that we are going to overhaul the Dry Dock based on player feedback, we have heard loud and clear that this UI needs work. Understand that much of your confusion is due to this bad UI, that is our fault and we will fix.


I reported a bug at lunchtime, and they’ve already fixed it. I certainly can’t quibble with that.


I’m another person strongly considering Star Traders: Frontiers with severe reservations about it being early access. On the one hand, this looks like Sid Meier’s Pirates! in space which is something I need in my life. On the other, the two previous times I bought an early access title I ended up being disappointed with the final release. I also have some concerns that it might get grindy at some point. I’ll probably get it anyway. My impulse control has been waning of late.


Yeah this is me too; but the Trese Bros. have proved capable and trustworthy so I threw them some support anyway, even though I’ll likely shelve it for 6 months until it’s done.


Star Traders is now on my wish list.


Ugh, so if you die do you have to start over, or just at the last save? I didn’t realize this, not a fan of no saves.


Yeah, me either but they say this game has been designed around this. It doesn’t seem like dying is really a big issue since you have a crew of 30 - 50 and all of them would have to die at once to end the game which I think would be pretty rare. From what I understand, it’s much more likely that you’ll run out of money to pay your crew and they’ll desert or mutiny on you. Or you get stuck in some starport somewhere without enough cash to refuel and take off.

The game seems to have a lot of sim elements with the crew and ship. A lot of things can happen while you’re traveling in space. Engines can go bad and need repair, navigation can screw up, crew can get into fights, a whole lot of other stuff. You crew’s talents and skills offset all of that and there are constant skill checks by your crew which shows up in a scrolling log you view while traveling. It’s really interesting and I like it. It’s not like most other games, that’s for sure.


Well, from a practical point of view, that’s still the same as death :)


I just found out that you can’t really die unless you play on the permadeath difficulties (hard+). So I guess hard+ is ironman and everything easier than that you don’t have to worry much. I also found out that if you run out of fuel in space your crew will go outside the ship and scrape ice for the water fuel. This hurts morale and causes a high risk for ship component failure, etc. So, I guess you can never really get stuck totally unless you run completely out of money with no way to get more to pay your crew before they desert.


This has happened to me twice now. Basically trading peacefully WILL piss someone off. So quickly you delivering food makes you an outlaw by a few factions (who are in a trade war with whoever you trade with). You can then no longer trade or get services with them. Meanwhile the trading dries up over time with stations you use a lot. The fact that you get attacked regularly and the repair & ,paint costs are siginifcant mena you can quickly hit a death spiral.

Still I love it, but it is a very hard and unforgiving game. Expect ti have to restart a lot.


I bought Star Traders last night and am about to start my third captain. First time I ran out of money and was basically stranded on a planet. I traveled to a hostile system way too soon and did not have enough to repair and refuel my ship, not to mention to heal and pay my crew. My second playthrough went better, but I’m not satisfied with it. For my third, I am prioritizing my ship instead of attributes when creating my template. Given the cost of buying a new ship, that seems like the smartest play. I’m also thinking that experience and skills are the least important.

I too hate that it doesn’t have a save feature, especially when you’re figuring out the game and do not really know what your actions do. I learned the hard way that boarding an enemy ship and defeating their officers does not end the battle in your favor. Also, those Xenos aliens are not to be trifled with when exploring. I like it so far, but it feels kind of grindy, so I am worried about how long I’ll stick with it.


Well I am still enjoying it. I am hooked it is fair to say.

Boy the faction system is just busted right now though. Everything you do ends up pissing off someone and once a faction hates you then generating positive faction is very difficult so you end up with “no fly” zones taking over more and more of the map.


I posted on the steam forum about some UI issues and they replied within five minutes. Even better, they said their next patch just went live and it resolved resolution problems (that were causing my UI issues) and they were right. I think they’re clearly watching the forums constantly. Great devs.


Can anyone explain the combat? I lost and won battles without knowing what the heck happened.


Space or ground?

For space just pick your move (you will most likely be closing if you want to fight or running away if you don’t). Then click on the weapons you want to fire, then click on the abilities you wanto to use. Hit fight and it resolves. repeat until you beat em. Enemy ships surrender if they lose morale or their captain gets seriously injured.


I did that. The interface is friendly enough.

Just that I have no idea what’s happening. A few number flashes when hits occur. Then it ends, typically because someone died, the hulls are nowhere near destroyed.

Is there any visual feedback on what is really going on?


Hmm, yeah usually something bad happens to the crew when the hitpoints get down to maybe 20-30% (eyeballing it) and its all over. No way as far as I know to get better feedback there.

For me I tend to play close attention to which abilities & effects are active. So system flush if I am on fire, maybe lock the guy if he is trying to get away. Go for a cheeky 3 range board ability and do a hit & run attack maybe. I dunno if that helps? Sorry if too vague.