Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


Seriously, I think I last bought something there like a decade ago. $40 is pretty steep for a game with 1980’s graphics though.


Yeah, the dev used them as their publisher, was initially excited to have a publisher, but now regrets it. It’s a real shame, as it’s a fantastic game.


I wonder when he will have the rights to the game back and can put it on steam for a reasonable price.


Shrapnel Games can suck a cock. Talk about a “publisher” that hasn’t pulled their head out of their 90’s ass.


I would post that issue on the game’s steam forum. Denny is extremely responsive to posts there and usually solves the issue, if possible (which may not be in this case, obviously).


Well he obviously knows it’s an issue, as he has specifically put in a warning screen about it. :)

It’s funny, because it appears to be using a proper fullscreen mode so it should be able to set the refresh to 60 if that’s what’s required.


Yes, good point. I guess I meant asking if it was something he planned to work on, but likely not if he created that warning.


It’s annoying but not sooo bad for me, as my monitor has a button that cycles between refresh rates. Others may not.

It would be worse if I had to change desktop refresh to and fro every time I wanted to play.


I built a new computer and found my joystick. What’s the current best option for very pretty space game with joystick?


If you want pretty, Elite Dangerous.

If you want an actual fun game that’s not as pretty, Evochron Legacy.


Paging space game expert @BrianRubin , what do we think about Halcyon 6? It looks really intriguing to me and it’s on sale for $6 right now at fanatical


Get it, it’s like someone crossed Deep Space Nine with a JPRG and funny writing.


What is the gameplay like? From the screenshots it looks like JRPG combat with xcom base building and star control like story elements?


That is EXACTLY what it’s like. It’s really great.




Happy to help!


I’ve got to stop looking at this thread. Every time I do, I find some game I had never heard of that I suddenly want.



I totally forgot I had that game sitting in my library. Thanks for the reminder; tonight, there will be attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion!


That’s the spirit!