Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


Not entirely related to space games but I found some good mentions in the comments:


Hah, first comment is the refit Enterprise from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Still my all-time favorite reveal.


Ask, and ye shall receive!


Well, three of the best spaceship reveals in videogames are in the Freespace series. ;)


First thing that came to mind.


Dear lord.


Heck yeah. The Galatae and the Lucifer in the first game. And then the Colossus in the second game.


There are others too. The way the camera starts from the fighter exhaust and slowly zooms out to reveal the whole (damaged) fighter in the opening movie in Freespace 1, for instance. The flashes of Shivan ships. There’s so much awesome in that series.


Agreed, Freespace did wonderful reveals.


I liked the Titan AE reveal.


The ship is quite good, but Planet Bob is the best ;)


My favorite space sim moment ever occurred in Freespace. I’m going to mess up the details, but:

In the mission brief, your wing is sent out for whatever reason, to shepherd a convoy or something. Naturally, it gets jumped by Shivans and yells for help from the Galatea. Unfortunately, the Galatea is also beset by Shivans, so it turns into a struggle to survive until the Galatea can rescue you.

The first time I played the mission, by pure chance, I was oriented so that the Galatea jumped in from behind me and came screaming in directly over my fighter to save us. Such an awesome moment!


Fuuuuck yeah, that sounds amazing.


There are lots of good ones. Admittedly few things in gaming touch the best of cinema.

The ISD from A New Hope
The Enterprise in TMP
2001’s bone toss

Nothing in games quite compares. Maybe something from Mass Effect. It’s honestly hard to think of a comparable reveal to the movies without being things that were non scripted events.



Wooooooo, how could I forget that one! The music is half of the awesomeness of that intro.


That and the sad, sad voice of fleet command.


So friends, it’s been a helluva week, so it took me an extra long time to put a dispatch together, but a lot has happened over the last week. New games, lots of dev updates, tons of patches and so on. I hope y’all find this useful.


OH, also, this just arrived:

Because I wanna play some Star Wars Galaxies: Legends. I had an abandonware version of the installation media – which the game requires – but the launcher doesn’t wanna work with that anymore, so I shelled out for the real deal. Worth it.


Independence War II had some awesome spaceship reveals. The home base reveal especially blew me away at the time.

Since you were a scrappy band of down-on-their-luck rogues, every new ship was precious!