Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Huh, it worked. Good thing I complained in the right support forum :P Thank you very much, sir.

Yay glad to help!

Hmmmm, Steam is showing that Evochron Legacy has a new update to Evochron Legacy SE? Lots of upgrades and QoL changes, apparently. Heard anything about that, @BrianRubin ?

I helped playtest it. :)

I imagined, but I never noticed you mentioning it here, so I had to ask. ;)

Wasn’t my place to announce it.

This made three hours disappear for me tonight:

I can’t remember if this was pointed out in the indie game thread, or where I saw it, but I am grateful.

Simple fun and the price was right. By the One Finger Death Punch guys.

While I already have vodka to make time disappear, this looks interesting. Downloading and thanks.

Yeah I can see playing this for a while. :)

If someone was looking for a modern top-down space game in the vein of Star Control 2 or Space Rangers 2, would the early access Drox Operative 2, the already released Silent Sector, or some other game be the go-to suggestion?

For combat feel, I’d say the best is Galak-Z. I loved it so much I had a hard time going back to Star Control 2 or Origins.

Edit: Silent Sector looks great though. Definitely want to try that.

I already own it and… have put a whopping zero hours into it, lol. I’ll have to give it a spin.

I feel like an idiot for briefly forgetting that game - I actually really enjoyed it. Not perfect, but time well spent imho.

Sounds like you need some Starcom: Nexus, or 3030 Deathwar Redux, or Beyond Sol.

Drox and Silent Sector are also both great, but not as in the Star Control vein.

Played the latter two and enjoyed them but for some reason Starcom: Nexus has just been waiting on my wishlist, almost as if games can get lost in the shuffle as it approaches 4 digits. Thanks!

Always happy to help.

Is SimpleRockets 2 any good as a PC game, or should I just stick with KSP? I quite like the idea of a slightly dumbed down KSP, but not if it’s a bad mobile port.

What are folks feelings on the current status of the “EV:Nova-likes”? I just had a look at Endless Sky, Transendence, and Starsector. It looks like Endless Sky was last updated in May of last year, the other two not since 2019. Not that not being updated is necessarily a bad thing.

Although not totally similar, it looks like Drox Operative 2 has grown a bit since I last checked it. Anyone played it recently?

And did SPAZ2 suck? I enjoyed the first one fairly well but never tried the second. It’s currently on sale for 50% off but only with “Mostly Positive” reviews.

SPAZ2 sucks. Endless Sky is great, very polished and feature complete (and that was back in 2015 when I last played it, according to Steam). I own Starsector but am waiting for it to be ‘finished’ before I play it.

Yeah, I gave up on SPAZ 2 pretty quickly, having loved SPAZ.

The closest thing you’ll find to a pure EV experience is Endless Sky and Naev, both free, both awesome. Transcendence is also awesome and Starsector will be a masterpiece once it’s finished, but they’re not strict EV clones like ES and Naev are.