Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Thanks, @BrianRubin, that’s helpful. Given your druthers, would you prefer ES or Naev?

God that’s tough, they’re both great, but I think I need to lean more on ES for having some better QoL features.

Cool, I’ve downloading Naev now to sit alongside Endless Sky. I can try both with very little risk, given that they’re both free. :)

Exactly, they’re both worth playing.

Did you play Stellar Frontier back in the day Brian?

I didn’t because it’s multiplayer and I generally hate multiplayer.

This FTL like game looks interesting:

Oh nice find, thank you!

Do your thing :)

After trying all three I very much prefer Starcom: Nexus. Thanks for the rec.

Happy to help!

Woooo, that looks awesome!

I don’t know why I got a bit of a chuckle out of the game description when it said “and inevitably win tactical battles”. If I’m going to inevitably win them they don’t sound incredibly tactical.

Just want to chime in and once again appreciate the recommendation. While a little “lo-fi” on the graphics front, it’s not as rough as the stills make it look and the gameplay is wonderful. I got to a point where I was wondering what to do because I seemed to run out of hyperspace lanes, and then I realized this was more old-school and I would need to go off the beaten path and pay attention to various clues in the game. Great game, Brian! Edit - oh, and I like the away missions which give dilemmas.

Yeah, it really gets exploration right, which is what I love most about it.

Once I researched larger ships and loaded lasers and shields, exploration in Starcom Nexus became a breeze as the opposition gets fried and barely scratch the space paint on my ride. Which is very satisfying.

The missions can be a bit obtuse, for me at any rate and I’ve had to resort to Google to solve a couple.

I am such a bad space pilot, regularly crashing into Kite Station and neutral ships. The latter get pissed and start shooting at me when all I want to do is trade with them.

Any thoughts on this? Looks good but a hefty price tag for an indie title in EA.

My guess is it’s not done.

I played an early version ages ago and really liked it, but it likely still has a way to go.

Thanks. Guess I’ll hope to live long enough to see 1.0 :)