Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Hey friends, here’s the latest Star Fleet II dev update, along with a word on release dates (and how we’re not going to use them anymore, it’ll just be done “When it’s ready,” which we hope will be before the end of the year if not much sooner).

Thank you!

Cool, thanks for the update. Got it wishlisted and just patiently waiting.

Thank you for being patient. As much as we’d love to release this into your hands ASAP, we wanna do it right and not have a repeat of the disastrous 1.0 launch.

Friends, Hunternet Starfighter – the most exciting space dogfighter since Freespace 2 and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw – is now crowdfunding on IndieGoGo. Please do check it out.

This is really a great dogfighting space sim. I’ve been in the early alpha or whatever it is. Has a really nice feel to it and is actually playable with keyboard and mouse (even has multiple different control schemes for that) unlike many space sims that have come out recently (star wars squadrons eh?).

I backed for the tier that gives you 2 keys that let you play immediately, so I can get my friend in.

VR support?

Hopefully, though not definitely. It’s a small team.

Most VR games are made by small teams! :)

I know it’s not primarily a VR game, but it’s in a genre where VR is becoming an expectation. I’d predict an outcry if it hits Steam without VR support planned… and unfortunately it’s not the kind of thing that’s easy to hack in later.

Will there be VR support?
The plan is to begin VR prototyping later this year. Tobii Eye Tracker support is also in the works. The demo already supports Track IR, virtual head tracking (padlock), mouselook, and a VR-ready pilot model with fully articulated controls.

Oh cool, so they are at least thinking about VR while making it, a good sign

I am becoming increasingly stoked about the idea of this game. The graphics were initially a turn off but if this brings the depth of gameplay it promises I will overlook that. Any clue when the release date is? I read something saying October - but I gather from your post there is no certainty on this?

No release date sadly. “When it’s done” and all that. We hope to have it out before the end of the year.

Bummer. Let’s hope I am playing it on Christmas Day!

I would love that, but we want to do this right. No repeat of the disastrous 1.0 launch. It SHOULD be ready by then but I can’t guarantee it.

Brian, it is you who have stirred me into a frenzy with your relentless talking up of this game! And now you betray me with repeated delays! The emperor will not be as forgiving as I am!

Seriously though the YouTuber Atova is giving it a run through on his channel. Gives one a tantalizing sense of the depth. Watching that made me feel after playing it for a while the gameplay is going to push me past the graphics barrier…….

Well we could use more playtesters if you have the time. ;)

Who in their right mind would say no? 🤣

Sweeeeeet. Please use this contact form to sign up and thank you!!

Thank YOU good sir! Dropped a note on the link.

I saw! He’s super busy with other stuff so please be patient for a response! Thank you!